International Beauty Swap: CANADA – Part 3!

I honestly NEVER thought I would be writing this post!! I have been swapping beauty boxes all over the world for almost a year now with NO issues whatsoever. Except my second box swap...


Oct 29, 2015


International Beauty Box Swaps: PART 2

Welcome to PART 2 of my International Beauty Box Swap series! If you are reading this then I really hope its because my first post made you interested enough that you want to pursue...


Oct 12, 2015


E.L.F Giveaway! {GIVEAWAY}

Its time for a GIVEAWAAAAAY! I have wanted to plan a giveaway with items which cannot be bought in South Africa for the longest time and I thought that now would be just perfect because...


Sep 24, 2015


International Beauty Swap: CANADA – Part 2

Oh my bloody hell. Where to start? If you are someone who has been been reading my blog for a while, you will know just how long I have been waiting for this box!...


Sep 22, 2015


International Beauty Box Swaps: WHAT ARE THEY?

I have taken SO DAMN LONG to get around to this post (and, honestly, I had kind of forgotten about the draft sitting in my WordPress) but here I am. Finally. It’s the first part...


Sep 3, 2015


International Beauty Swap: ENGLAND #1 – Part 2

Hello hello, today’s post is all about my second last International Beauty Swap! Well, it could be my last as I am still waiting on a package from March and who knows if it will...


Jun 9, 2015


International Beauty Swap: ENGLAND #2 – Part 2

The time has come again for an International Beauty Swap unboxing. YAY! I feel like I very frequently post the unboxing posts but in actuality the processes have all been ongoing for around three...


Jun 5, 2015


International Beauty Swap: SCOTLAND – Part 2

This was honestly the motherlode of beauty swaps! Out of all the swaps that I have been involved in this was the most thoughtful and generous of all! I partnered up with Leanne of...


May 27, 2015


International Beauty Swap: AUSTRALIA #2 – Part 2

Hello lovelies, and welcome to part two of my second Aussie International Beauty Swap! This was my smallest swap to date as I was after a few particular NYX items and a few other...


May 23, 2015


International Beauty Swap: SCOTLAND – Part 1

Welcome to my sixth ever International Beauty Swap! I get such awesome feedback and really high view counts whenever I post one of these so I am glad that you enjoy reading them 🙂...


May 21, 2015


International Beauty Swap – ENGLAND #2 – Part 1

Helloo helloooo, In my last UK based International Beauty Swap post I mentioned that I partnered up with three different ladies from the UK (one from Scotland and two from England). This swap is...


May 5, 2015


International Beauty Swap: ENGLAND #1 – Part 1

Hi hi everyone. So this was my third international beauty box swap and I was especially excited about this as I have been wanting to partner up with someone from the UK for ever!...


Apr 20, 2015


LIP LOOK #7 Face Of Australia – Urban Spice {LIP LOOK REVIEW}

Hi guys! So I had a very quiet blogging week last week. I only posted two blog posts when generally I average three or four (and sometimes even five) a week. I have only...


Apr 10, 2015


International Beauty Swap: AUSTRALIA #2 – Part 1

A few weeks ago myself and my mom were in Clicks looking at the NYX soft lip creams and we absolutely fell in love with them. My mom wanted to buy five colours –...


Apr 7, 2015


International Beauty Swap: Canada – Part 1

Hi lovelies! Last time I posted about my International Beauty Swap I received SUCH great feedback – I actually broke my blog view record that day. I immediately planned more swaps as soon as...


Mar 16, 2015


International Beauty Swap: AUSTRALIA – Part 2

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS GOING TO BE A LOOONG AND PHOTO FILLED POST.    Hi eveeeerybody! Here is my Part Two post following my International Swap! In my last post here I covered what the...


Mar 3, 2015