Recent Repurchases.. I have capitalized the first letters of these words as I am HOPING to turn this into a new series!

Repurchasing items usually indicates that you love a product. Unless you’ve had the major misfortune of buying a product and then breaking it beyond repair before using it… But you will be informed WELL in advance if that is the case… Knowing me, I would take out a billboard to advertise my great misfortune.

So until that happens, my new Recent Repurchases posts will feature products that I have – you guessed it – recently repurchased. I have put myself onto a “Low Buy” for the month of August but all of these are from June/July. I swear!

Miracle Hydrating Mist from Elizabeth Arden – R380

Ahhh! The most divine mist in my entire collection! This mist is part of the classic 8 Hour Range and it actually is my favourite of the entire range. Designed to leave the skin feeling refreshed, revigorated, and healthy looking, it does just that. The spritz is gentle yet disperses a good amount of product, and the smell is GORGE.

It works beautifully in both seasons; in Summer it cools your face down and in Winter it relieves that tight, dry feeling that the awful wind adds to your face. An absolute must-have in my collection. This is only my second repurchase as the 100ml bottle lasts you an age. Even at the rapid rate that I use it!

recent repurchases

Super Lustrous Matte Lipsticks in So Lit! and Dare To Be Nude from Revlon – R119.95

Technically this is not a repurchase per se¬†as I have not bought these shades before, but these are repurchases within the Super Lustrous Matte collection. Also, don’t let the description “lustrous” worry you as these are not shiny payoffs. They are beautifully matte with a soft satin finish if anything.

Obviously I am a fan of the range… I also own Rise Up Rose and Red Rules The World. The payoff is opaque and long lasting, definitely one of the better ranges in my lippy collection.

recent repurchases

Eyeshadow Primer Potion from Urban Decay – R355

Do you even need me to elaborate? Easily the most iconic product from Urban Decay; the original Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

This is my first purchase of the Primer Potion but it is my second tube after being gifted my first one by my lovely friend Irina. I think the original tube lasted me an entire 12 months! Truthfully I do not wear it on the daily, but I ALWAYS reach for it on a weekend, blogger event or “special occasion”.

It is the loveliest preparation for smooth eyeshadow application, as well as assuring your shadow lasts for hours upon hours. You will not see a single hint of eyelid veins once this has been applied!

recent repurchases

Liquid Suede Metallic Matte in Exposed from NYX Cosmetics – R160

First things first… If you purchase via the Clicks website before 21st August, this will only cost you R111! NOT SPONSORED!

While metallics are not my thing (unless they are highlighters of course), I had to have this Liquid Suede in the shade Exposed. It is a beautiful, shimmery, highly pigmented liquid lipstick and I adore it. It last about 3 or so hours so I do have to apply a few times throughout the day, especially as metallic lipsticks don’t look great with that “fading” look. My last tube lasted about 3 months and this is my second tie purchasing it.

recent repurchases

What did you guys think of my list? Did you spot any of your favourites? Also let me know if you like this ‘Recently Repurchased’ series idea!

Rayne XX