So the title of this post is a bit sad… sounds like a low-end calibre sort of blog post, doesn’t it? But I could not think of anything else – the Atoderm range from Bioderma REALLY has alleviated my dry skin incredibly this Winter!


The Bioderma Atoderm range consists of 12 products in total and I will be chatting about three today. The Atoderm range has been formulated with sensitive skin in mind. And when I say sensitive I mean the uber-sensitive. Those with skin prone to scaley-ness (yes, this is a thing) and peeling in winter will achieve great relief with the use of the Atoderm range.

Personally, I do not have the driest skin. My face, heck yes! But my body? Not so much. However one of the more frequent queries I receive is to recommend brands of body-care for this exact concern. The air in South Africa is intense; we can go from freezing to boiling temperatures in one day, some days are incredibly humid, and this seriously affects our skin. I am sure you don’t need me to repeat the age-old quote; “Your skin is the largest organ of the body” yadda, yadda, yadda. But it really is true and we tend to neglect it.

Anyway, I have played with the Atoderm range prior to receiving these products and I loooved it. That being said, I only tested their lip balm (R129.95) 😉 But it truly made the world of difference to my cracked summer lips and I had planned on branching out within the range anyway.

Hopping right into the reviews:

Atoderm Intensive Ultra-soothing foaming gel – R290

This is my favourite choice of all three. Okay, it ties with the SOS Spray! I adore the foamy gel formula and my skin remains feeling nourished long after I am out of the shower or the bath. The scent is very clean yet almost non-existent and this is a major highlight for me. ANY scents, organic/natural or not can have an impact on sensitive skins. You can rest assured that this won’t irritate even the most irritated of skins.

Apart from NOT irritating the skin, this foaming gel is also formulated to soothe and calm any other irritations that may be affecting your skin. There is an incredibly interesting ingredient in this gel, Vitamin PP, which is used medically to treat the skin condition Pellagra. This can cause inflamed skin, stiff skin and peeling skin.

This 500ml bottle is absolutely huuuuuuge and I could barely fit it into one image!


Atoderm Intensive Ultra-soothing balm – R345

This ultra-soothing “balm” is not what you expect when you think of the word balm. It is more of a delicious lotion that offers extra hydrating than a classic lotion. This product focuses on the biological reconstruction of skin to rebuild a healthier epidermis.

The balm is more of a liquidy formula which my skin slurps up almost immediately. It is super lightweight and doesn’t leave a film or thick feeling behind. All in all a great product.


Atoderm SOS Spray – R149.99R299.99

This SOS Spray is absolutely incredible! I am always a fan of a “multi-use” product that just just be popped int ones handbag, and this is that full throttle. The can is lightweight yet the cream emitted from the can is creamy and nourishing. It does leave a slight film on your skin, but it a way that your skin feels like it is sucking up the hydration. Not an irritating type of film, you know?


You can purchase products from the Atoderm range at Le Beauty Club and Absolute Skin. I am looking forward to purchasing one or two more items from the range as there are a few more products that look great!

Rayne XX