Welcome to numero quatro in my Ultimate Picks series! I have been loving the feedback on my previously featured brands. I had a few people asking for me to next feature a mid to high-end brand so I decided to go with  my much loved OG brand, Elizabeth Arden!

Elizabeth Arden was the first “proper” brand of make-up I ever used. I was about 16 when I saved up for a little shopping spree. But I decided that this time I would invest in some real make-up. Cue me choosing six products (pretty much ALL my birthday and babysitting money) and spending about two hours in Edgars swatching and testing. That feeling of walking out of the store with my crisp bag of brand new make-up can match no other, and I am pretty sure this is where my deep rooted love of make-up began.

I have featured Elizabeth Arden make-up on my blog many times over the years, but I am excited to compact my Ultimate seven choices into one post.


Lip Pencils in Bare and Sugared Kiss

Elizabeth Arden lipliners are so underrated. You barely ever see them featured on blogs and they really should be! They are soft and silky and so long lasting. They are also the perfect middle part between a sheen and a matte so you can wear them as a liner OR as an actual lip shade. The packaging looks different to these as these came from a limited edition Christmas box set. Price – R225

limited edition


Colour Intrigue Gel Liner in Ocean Teal

I have no idea if these gel pot liners are even part of the Elizabeth Arden range anymore! The texture of the gel is just so damn flipping perfect. Creamy, sleek, dries down perfectly. And I mean, this shade is just amazing. It really is a daring shade for Elizabeth Arden but it pays off beautifully and, weirdly enough, suits all eye colours. The colour also stays perfectly put for a good five to six hours. Price Tag – no idea, I cannot seem to find these on any of the SA websites! They are either discontinued OR they are not available in South Africa.

Elizabeth Arden


Pure Finish Radiant Bronzing Powder

This could make my Ultimate Picks list based on it’s packaging alone. Seriously, just look at it. It is one of the most stunning pieces of make-up I have ever laid eyes on. As with the bronzing powder below, it is just so soft, so subtle and so long lasting. The shimmer in this is perfectly milled and just so fine to the touch. All in all in contains two different shades of bronze, one highlight one pink and one purple. So actually, you can use this for so many different parts of your face. This is another one where I cannot seem to find the price. I purchased it around 2014 so it must be discontinued. I definitely purchased it in SA.

Elizabeth Arden

Beautiful Colour Bronzing Duo

For so many years this duo was my absolute go-to bronzer! Literally, for maybe three whole years this is the bronzer that I would recommend to anyone who asked. It still is amazing and I will use it in Summer, but I am more a matte bronzer girl these days. It contains two gorgeously blendable shades which look perfect swirled together to add a slight shimmer. Unfortunately you cannot see both the bronzer shades here. Also, it lasts HOURS and the bronzer in total lasted me around two years. You can see I hit pan ages ago and this is almost finished. But honestly, that small bit alone will probably get me to the end of 2017. Price – R465

Elizabeth Arden


Bold Liquid Lipsticks in Passionate Peach and Seductive Magenta

These two have their own dedicated review on here. They are creamy and smooth with fantastic pay offs. I own many Elizabeth Arden lipsticks but these have got to be my lipstick of choice of all. I own two shade; below is Passionate Peach and then I also have Seductive Magenta. Not pictured as a colleague is borrowing it whilst trying to find her perfect berry lip shade. I adore their semi sheen – semi matte finish. You can pretty much suit these to summer and winter months due to the duo-finish. There are seven shades in the range which is pretty impressive! The design is also something unique enough that I have never seen this kind of applicator anywhere else. Definitely worthy of its place in my ultimate picks! R295 per lipstick


Elizabeth Arden

Pure Finish Mineral Tinted Moisturiser

Weirdly enough, one product I have never tested is any of the foundations. However, this tinted moisturiser does really well in the BB/CC cream look department. Definitely the best lightweight, sheer coverage product I have used to date. It is “Infused with microlight minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, this hint of sheer natural color instantly transforms perfects skin’s appearance with a fresh, luminous glow.” This is taken directly from the website but it is so very true. Your skin looks fresh and dewy and healthy when wearing this. Available in two shades for R360

Elizabeth Arden


Ceramide Overnight Firming Mask

So while choosing my faves for this post, I knew skincare would feature. However because I had so many cosmetics I decided to mix them together. Buuut then the post was just so long! So for now I am just including my ride or die Elizabeth Arden skincare product. One mask to rule them all! The Ceramide Overnight Firming mask is legit my go-to sleep in mask. Just holding the jar makes you feel like a queen. It is weighty, gold, gorgeous and reflective!
Basically, it locks in moisture overnight which in turn allows you to wake up looking fine and fresh as a daisy. It has that magic touch of leaving your skin feeling soft and supple yet firm and lifted. Brilliant, no? It is on the luxe side price-wise, at R685 for 50ml but you can bet this one tub will last you AGES.


Aaaand there you go! I hope you enjoyed my latest installment in this blog series. I must admit, this one means a little something extra to me just because EA will always have a special place in my heart! Gotta stay loyal to the brand that originally sparked my make-up inferno.


Elizabeth Arden products can be bought all over SA but I would suggest popping into Edgars as they usually stock the entire range of makeup, skincare and perfumes. RedSquare online store is also pretty stocked up.


Rayne XX