My ultimate make-up picks from Maybelline {SERIES}

Yessss guys I am back with my Ultimate Picks! After seven straight weeks of not missing a beat, I missed last week but I am back with my Maybelline Ultimate Picks. Maybelline has actually...


Aug 16, 2017


August Faves 2015!

Happy aaaalmost September everybody! It’s my birthday on Monday and I am FULL of the joys of Spring! (Did you get my joke? Did you? Did you?) Okay, moving swiftly along.. I am now (almost) officially old....


Aug 28, 2015


Top Three Tuesdays: PRIMERS

So I have finally recovered from my most serious case of writers block yet! I think I skipped the last two Tuesdays on this blog series (as well as posting only three times over...


Aug 18, 2015


Make-Up Staples for Winter 2015 {FAVOURITES}

Winter is finally upon us here in Cape Town. No more waking up to 20 degree weather – its more like 7 degree weather! I much prefer Winter over Summer BUT I am pretty...


Jun 17, 2015


Maybelline Product Launches – 2015 – Babyskin & Babylips

  Maybelline – This post was a spur-of-the-moment kind of post. I was innocently sitting at work scrolling through Twitter when I noticed that there was an almost identical tweet doing the rounds on...


Feb 4, 2015