Today’s ‘Favourites of 2019’ post is taking a step backwards and we are chatting about primers. Pore minimising, wrinkle hiding, foundation primers – there are SO many different options out there! Oddly enough, the top four that I settled on cover a range of uses so this should be an informative post as well as a top picks post.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser – R75

If you’re in the mood for a real laugh, take a look at my “announcement” post of this primer. You can see from the date of that  post that I have been using this tube of goodness since 2014. Not the same tube, the same product is what I mean…. So I was THRILLED when word got out that the Baby Skin was releasing here. I absolutely love it for line filling. I have minor to medium forehead lines as well as those little smile lines and I swear, this works better than my super exclusive high end line filling primers!

To be fair, the Baby Skin is mainly advertised to be a pore filler. I really don’t struggle with bad pores so I cannot rate this product on how well it does in that department, but I will continue to repurchase it based on the fact that it is the ONLY primer in my (extremely vast) collection that reduces the appearance of lines to such an extent. It is also the most affordable product on this list.


Bodyography Foundation Primer – +- R450

This is a bit of a cheat to have on here as I have only ever used a travel size version. But man oh man, if this was available in South Africa it would be sitting on my make-up table right now. I still have a tiny bit left in the tube and I am saving it for a special enough occasion. Seriously, this is wedding day make-up material!

Advertised as “weightless, anti-aging primer fills in fine lines and wrinkles, prevents collagen breakdown, and gives the skin a silky smooth, long-lasting, flawless base.” it really does deliver the goods. Your skin is smoothed out, overall look of your face is clearer and it helps set the scene for a beautiful canvas of make-up. My most notable aspect of this primer is that it really does increase the longevity of your make-up for the day ahead.


Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in Monaco +- R170

This is an item which I wasn’t sure whether to include or not for two reasons. 1) it is not available in South Africa. And 2) It is not a primer.

However I have decided to include it as it is an absolute Holy Grail product for me. I have mentioned this illuminator on my blog before and spoken about it SO OFTEN on Instagram. These illuminators are available in 4 shades (I have another shade) and it is very much a case of if you find the perfect shade, you’ll fall in love. I apply a light layer of this to my face after my skincare routine or I mix a bit in with my foundation and it leaves my entire face dewy and gorgeous and healthy looking. But without looking like you’ve stepped off the set of the Twilight Saga.


No Filter Prep & Pore Less All-In-One Super Primer from Sorbet – R120

This is a name and a half, isn’t it?! Nevertheless the No Filter (let’s just call it that) primer from Sorbet has been highly rated by me since the first time I used it. It is so incredibly smooth on the skin. It applies beautifully and evenly and creates the most divine canvas of a face to work on. This is one of those primers that is very similar to the Baby Skin in the way that I immediately notice my fine lines looking diminished once applied. It has an almost silicone feel to it.

It has a slight tint to the skin, so I don’t know how this would pay off onto darker or fairer skin-tones. But on my medium skin it blends into nothing at all. It is just a dream to work with!


Now time for some honourable mentions…

The Instablur Primer from The Body Shop is another fab choice. I previously spoke about this here. I actually referred to it as my ‘current fave’ of all my primers in December 2017. However it has since been kicked from the top position. But is truly is still one of my faves! You can tell by this image just how well-loved this product is – the packaging is fairly horrendous.

Excuse the boobies in the background. I didn’t notice them until I uploaded these pictures!

If you want to REALLY laugh on this fine day.. check out this ‘Favourite Primers’ post that I wrote in August 2015 by clicking here. The GOSH Anti-Wrinkle Foundation Primer and the Australis Primer are still both loves of mine. I reach for the GOSH less than the other primers mentioned in this post, and the Australis is not available in SA. However, these three honourable mentions really are fab fab FAB choices if you’re looking for new primers!

Be sure to check out Simon’e matchy matchy post here to see which primers she chose to feature today. Miss Simone is clearly not about that drugstore life ;)… jokes, friend… she does have great taste though!

And as always, let me know in the comments which primers you rate as your personal favourites? There is always space in my make-up collection for another one or two! I am specifically interested in adding a high-end option to my collection.

Rayne XX