So clearly, from the title, this review is not a “did I love it or hate it?” review. The All-In-One Instablur is a 5-action perfector from The Body Shop and I pretty much saw nothing but great reviews once I started researching it a bit more.

First off, before we begin, there is only one image for this post. Sorry guys. Normally I publish nothing with less than four images but this weekend I left my camera at work and I really REALLY wanted this post up before The Body Shop 3-for-2 special is over. It ends on the 24th December and the sale covers all products!

So as I said above, I have seen – from what I can remember – ONLY positive reviews on the Instablur. Granted, the internet is not overrun with reviews, but the reviews I can find are all glowing.




The nitty gritty info of it:

Price: R200

Size: 25ml

Shade range: One universal clear shade.

Roughly how many uses could you get out of the tube? Probably about 40 – 50.

Formulated to? Prime, mattify, control shine, hide blemishes, reduce appearance of pores.

Any special ingredients? Vitamin E and Marula Oil. The latter is Community Fair Trade!

Realistically, I can only recommend a product to someone who has the exact same skin type as me. I have severely dehydrated skin. In Summer I tend to have an oily chin and forehead. However, most of the reviews I have seen on the Instablur have been from oily-skinned ladies and, like I said, all the reviews are raving.

It basically ticks every single block that you would look for in a primer. And as a beauty blogger I probably have about 25 primers open right now. BUT. BUUUUUT. This is the ONLY primer where I notice a difference to my skin without foundy on top. You know how primers generally state on the tube “use alone or under foundation”? Ja, they all do. But this Instablur is literallly the only primer where I notice a MAJOR difference. To put it bluntly, it is very mattifying.

The consistency really intrigued me because if all the YouTube reviews I watched, each person commented on the weird consistency turning into a velvet-like texture. This describes it perfectly. It squeezes out the tube in a thick chunky consistency but smooths out beautifully – you just want to touch your face when this is on.

Just this afternoon I wore this alone on my skin. All I needed to add was some concealer and blusher. My skin was pretty much transformed and I was fine leaving the house with no foundation. I seriously cannot rave enough that it immediately smoothens your skin and imperfections significantly diminish.

I really do not know what more I can say about the Instablur to justify how great it is. Obviously it gets two thumbs up and is Make It Rayne approved!

Rayne XX