Unlike pretty much every other make-up category that will be featured in this ranking series, concealers were extreeemely easy to choose! I will be chatting about my top 3 go-to ride-or-die stuck-on-a-desert-island concealers today AND two are even from the same brand. 


Age Rewind from Maybelline R 179.95

The concealer to end all concealers… nothing, NOTHING beats the Maybelline Age Rewind. You come across beauty items that you know will never be replaced, no matter what new technology the make-up gods come up with. This is my go-to and it is one of those products that I will always have a back up of in my collection. I wear the Age Rewind as concealer underneath my eyes (not so much to cover blemishes) and it instantly makes me look more awake. I am even at that stage (with my skincare) that I sometimes wear just concealer on my face to work. In which case I opt for my Maybelline Age Rewind! A holy grail for me.

Thankfully Maybellline SA brought the iconic Age Rewind to us roughly a year ago. I have however been using this product for going on four years – it is that great! The consistency is creamy yet does not cake on the skin. It lasts you an entire day without flaking, drying out or anything along those lines. I really cannot rave about it more.

Age Rewind
I always have a back-up of the Age Rewind on hand. And speaking of hands… I swear I had a manicure the day after taking this picture.

Lasting Perfection Concealer from Collection +- R58

The Lasting Perfection Concealer is not available in SA, nor is there any indication that it will ever be sold here, but I could not leave it off this list. Before my precious Age Rewind, this was the concealer to end all concealers. And it is a mighty fine second best!

The formulation is perfect for both covering up blemishes and highlighting underneath the eyes. If you have somebody traveling overseas that can get their hands on this, please place your order. This is a complete cult classic which has been raved about by Youtubers and “influencers” alike. In fact, ten tubes are sold every minute and I am not at all surprised!

Age Rewind
I have so many of these on hand… and yes, a few should really be chucked out!

Maybelline Master Conceal Camouflaging Concealer +- R139.95

My third and final favourite concealer is another goodie by Maybelline. Seriously, if you are in need of a concealer or mascara, Maybelline is the brand for you. The Master Conceal concealer is one that I reach for on one of those days. You know the day… you slept through your alarm, your kids were up all night (I don’t have these, but I have a boyfriend who goes to the bathroom about 5 times a night #OldPeopleProblems), you were up finishing an assignment blah blah blah.

Basically, this is nuclear bomb proof concealer. When someone asks for a full coverage concealer recommendation I usually refer to this as “costume make-up”. I am sure this could be used in TV and stage productions. The consistency is SO THICK. Even though I constantly complain about my discoloured under-eye area, this is too high coverage to use. Instead, I’ll use it for those irrittated red spots that appear once a month. You know the type. The formula works beautifully for covering up, evening out skintone and basically hiding ANYTHING that needs hiding.

The Maybelline Master Conceal Camouglaging Concealer is indeed available in South Africa but finding it online is tricky. It is definitely available in Dis-Chem but not yet in Clicks. A few months ago the Age Rewind was also only available in Dis-Chem but quickly made it’s way into Clicks stores, so I am sure you can expect to see it all over soon enough. The price is in the vicinity of R140 and let me tell you, it will last an age.

Age Rewind

As with the previous post, I feel it is only fair to mention a few honorable mentions. You know.. those good ‘ol trusty items which you’ll happily repurchase but you won’t suffer without? Or is it just me who categorizes my make-up so intricately? Another super coverage option is the AMC Creamy Concealer from Inglot, and the Fit Me from Maybelline (ANOTHER Maybelline) is also a trusted favourite. In fact, I have the Inglot AMC Concealer in both the potted and depotted forms. A real winner.

Age Rewind

Have you tried any of the above concealers? Is there anything missing from my list that I really need to try out?! There is always space in my collection for more babies…
And as always, be sure to check out Simone’s “fave concealers” post here. Reading her post totally reminded me of a few old favourites of mine! 

Rayne XX