Favourite Concealers 2019 & how they rank in my concealer collection! {FAVOURITES}

Unlike pretty much every other make-up category that will be featured in this ranking series, concealers were extreeemely easy to choose! I will be chatting about my top 3 go-to ride-or-die stuck-on-a-desert-island concealers today...


May 27, 2019


My ultimate make-up picks from Maybelline {SERIES}

Yessss guys I am back with my Ultimate Picks! After seven straight weeks of not missing a beat, I missed last week but I am back with my Maybelline Ultimate Picks. Maybelline has actually...


Aug 16, 2017


September Faves 2016! {FAVOURITES}

Every month it is the same thing. HOW is it already this far in the year? I am late with my September Faves 2016 post because I had no idea it was already the...


Oct 3, 2016


Brow Satin from Maybelline {REVIEW}

Officially my favourite brow product at the mo’; the Brow Satin in the darkest shade from Maybelline. I actually finished this around a month ago and I have not yet bought another and in...


Mar 28, 2016