I have spoken about a few skincare products this year but the Rice Enzyme Exfoliating Powder from SIX Skincare is hands down an absolute holy grail. I am IN LOVE with it.

The ingredient list includes papaya and oatmeal and rice enzymes, which aid as powerful exfoliators. The enzymes promote the dissolvement of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. This leads to firmer, tighter and younger looking skin, as well as papaid powder assisting in skin reneal. Then the rice starch ingredient is a natural toner added to promote growth and regeneration.
Papaya and oatmeal are actually ingredients that I specifically look out for in skincare products. And they are not commonly found!

Scanning the ingredient list I was pleased to see that Tea Tree and collagen protein were also listed. Tea Tree is an ingredient I try and incorporate after every breakout to reduce scarring, while I would drink collagen by the litre if I could! 😉

I can well and truly say that I saw an incredible difference after slotting the Rice Enzyme Exfoliating Powder into my skincare routine. I only use it in my nighttime routine and my skin looks healthier and dewier. It also FEELS fresher and cleaner, as if my skin can breathe properly while I am sleeping.

Rice Enzyme Exfoliating Powder

Rice Enzyme Exfoliating Powder

Usually the inclusion of the word “exfoliating” will lead one to think that the product is some level of “scrubby” in consistency. However, this is a finely milled powder. I would liken it to dermalogica microfoliant but even softer and gentler The powder is white and the bottle size is 150ML. I have been using it for going onto five weeks now and I have barely made a dent! A small bit goes a long way and keep in mind I use enough product for my neck and face.

The addition of the enzyme exfoliator also means there are no microplastics in the product. I am sure you have seen this phrase over the beauty news lately. The banning of microbeads and microplastics in skincare and beauty products are coming hard and fast. It seems that this will be the new normal by the end of 2019/beginning of 2020 and Six Sensational Skincare is ahead of the curve in this case.

Rice Enzyme Exfoliating Powder

Something I have really been enjoying incorporating into my skincare routine is once a week making an enzyme mask. Simply add your powder and some water into a bowl and mix it up into a paste. Doing so ensures that the mask penetrates the skin deeply to cleanse pores and improve skin tone and texture. On top of that, enzyme masks are known to encourage natural chemical reactions in the skin that renew skin cells. I may even prefer the mask version to the daily-use version of this product!


The pricing of the Rice Enzyme Exfoliating Powder is R873.00 which may seem steep but if you work out the maths, it is your “longer lifespan” product. I can see myself using this 150ML bottle over three months if not more. So to end this post on a great note, I can most DEFINITELY see myself repurchasing this. It really and truly has shot to the top of my favourites list.

The bottle design has a dual lid mechanism to assure that there are no spills or waste when traveling with the product. And even though it is a 150ML size, it is still a compact design and easy to pack. The dial lids also ensure that no water seeps into the product and that it is sealed tightly.

You can purchase your own bottle of Rice Enzyme Exfoliating Powder at Professional Salons / Spas – Stockists of SIX. You can find your nearest stockist on their website here.

Let me know if you think you’ll be picking this up. Have I sold you on it? I would love to hear who else is as obsessed with this as I am!


Rayne XX