I rarely feature anything on this blog that isn’t beauty, food or alcohol related. Reading that sentence back.. wow, Rayne! But one of my most loved household items is candles. If you follow me on any other platform you will know that my house is completely candle-ridden. So I was thrilled when this Tealight Candle Set was sent to me to celebrate Sorbet Home launching!

I chatted about these in depth on my Instagram but in reality I finished the last of the six candles a good month ago. I really felt as if they needed their own post as I have since repurchased the set.

The scent range is as follows:

Rose, Geranium & Jasmine; Lemongrass, Lavender & Lime; Fragipani, Lemon & Bergamont; Organic Lavender & Chamomile, Neroli, Cedarwood & Lemongrass, Ginger, Cinnamon, Grapefruit, Sweet Orange & Pepper.

Tealight Candle Set

There are a few scents included that I would never purchase myself. Namely ANYTHING with ginger, cinnamon or sweet orange. But guys, each and every one of these were DIVINE. The combinations have been paired extremely well and I swear, my house and bedroom smelt so spa-like! The variations are calming and gentle and fresh.
The candles have a 7 hour burn time each, and the set retails for R180. This boils down to R30 each which is very very reasonable in the candle loving world.

The Tealight Candle Set is 100% natural and free of chemicals and artificial preservatives. You would be shocked to read the ingredient list of well-known candle companies. If you could even understand the ingredients listed in the first place! You are breathing in the aroma and ingredients of the candles in your home. You should only be burning natural organic candle variations.

Tealight Candle Set

The Sorbet Home collection features full size candles as well as the Tealight Candle Set and that is what I will be cracking into next! If it is anything like these miniature versions, I will be sure to love it.

You can purchase the Sorbet Home Tealight Candle Set at all Sorbet Stores nationwide. Let me know if you grab a set!

Rayne XX