After Instagram Story-ing a picture of these pots boiling and frying my Bacon & Pea soup on the stove last week, I had so many requests  to share the recipe! I am NO Nigella Lawson and it is an easy peasy (haha, see what I did there?) recipe. It is also cheap as anything!

1 x pack of bacon (sliced/diced)

Half a bag of split peas

Fresh garlic

Pepper/Salt to taste

One and half onions (or whatever amount you want to use up)

Chilli if you like it

I had never added these three until last night, as they were a few days away from going manky and I am trying SO HARD to not waste food at home so I chucked them in

Half a head of broccoli

Half a head of cauliflower

1 x Green pepper (added after this image was taken)

Easy Peasy Bacon & Pea Soup

First fry the bacon, sliced onion and green pepper up with garlic (no need to use olive oil as the bacon is fatty enough) and set aside.

On a separate hob, boil the split peas up with the broccoli and cauliflower. You can also throw in a stock cube if you like.

I don’t actually know how long you boil it for. I just keep an eye on the hob and squish the food around haha. A potato masher would be PERFECT for the squishing bit.

 When the consistency is pretty soft and malleable, throw in the ingredients from pan number one. Add your salt, peper, garlic pepper, etc!

 That is it – enjoy!

I don’t even have an “after” picture of the finished product. I soooo did not expect so many recipe requests! Next time I’ll be sure to take pictures of anything that seems remotely interesting 🙂

Rayne XX