I have been meaning to sit down and talk about this stunning Beautiful Color Liquid Lip launch from Elizabeth Arden for months and today is finally the day I am buckling down to do it!

The past ten months (seriously, almost an entire year now) have seen me slacking big time on the blog front. My average of three blog posts a week turned into an average of two posts a month. And those were always because the posts were sponsored or because I had some sort of deadline attached to the post. But I have finally reignited the beauty passion and I feel like I really do have my blogging mojo back. Although, when I look at these exquisite products that I am featuring today, I wonder how the passion could ever disappear?!

Beautiful Color Liquid Lip Lacquers (9)

Beautiful Color Liquid Lip Lacquers (9)

Even though this post is only going live now, I have been using and LOOOOVING these Beautiful Color Liquid Lip products for close to three months. They are drop dead GORGEOUS. And funnily enough they scream “Autumn shades” at me so maybe my slack timing is perfect timing 😉

You would have seen a similar range featured on here before, the cream version of these. And then there is also a gloss line available. This range is a lacquered finish and the easiest way of describing them would be a hybrid of the matte and gloss finishes. They go on smoothly and evenly and they dry down (aka they do not stay sticky) but they do not dry down as a matte either. There is also the added bonus of them having an utterly delectable scent. This plays no role whatsoever in the quality of the product, but let’s call it an added bonus 😉

There are five shades in the range and, as mentioned above, they seem fairly Autumnal to me. However a few could definitely be pulled off throughout the year.

Beautiful Color Liquid Lip Lacquers (9)

Tulle – my first choice and a sure winner amongst most as the beige nude tone is one of those perfect ones that will go with almost all skin tones.

Coral Infusion – as the name suggests, a coral which is surprisingly bright and definitely another home run in my books! Also not the sort of coral that makes one’s teeth look discoloured. I love how this shade is very much a Spring/Summer AND a Winter/Autumn shade.

Seductress – a punchy fuschia which looks quite shocking in the tube but is still very wearable.

Casual – another wearable option and probably my second favourite of the lot. Srsly, I am having trouble picking faves. This really is a FAB range! A shade that can still be described as unique yet you could easily wear it to the office or more formal events.

Burgundy – again, as the name suggests. A dark purple leaning into a deep red tone. A fellow blogger described this as a “Rayne shade” as I adore my burgundy shades once the colder seasons step in.

I really am incredibly impressed with each and every one of the five shades. Usually I try and share the love and give products away to family and friends but I may just be hanging onto all five of these. Eeeek…

This design of lipstick has been featured on my blog before but for the newbies this packaging might be intriguing. The tube disperses product as you nudge the little slide lever up. You have complete control over the amount dispersed. As in, you don’t HAVE to nudge it all the way up as you do with some products, which then entirely defeats the point of the mechanism. The tip of the applicator is a sponge and there is such ease of application. You don’t need a mirror to apply the product. Nice and simple!

The colour payoff is nice and bold with each of the five shades. You can also expect around two hours weartime with each shade. Because they are not a matte dry down, you will need to reapply the colour throughout the day. I think we are so conditioned by matte lipsticks that we expect ALL finishes of lip products to last 6+ hours these days.

I have been such a fan of Elizabeth Arden lippies forever. From their holiday bullet lipsticks, to their Lip Gelato lipsticks and now these. Yet another home run in my book!

Have you tried the Beautiful Color Liquid Lip Lacquer collection yet? They are retailing for R299 and you can find them in Edgars, Woolworths, etc. Let me know if you spot any shade you love!

Rayne XX