I was blown away when these 1 Minute Urban Skin Detox Masks from NIVEA landed on my beauty desk. It is not often that I have no idea about a new launch (although I said the same thing a few weeks ago about the latest launch from The Body Shop… am I losing my touch?!), but I had never seen or heard of these before.

You may be skeptical off the bat as NIVEA are dipping their toes into the waters of masks, but I can truly say I was VERY impressed by the Moisturising variation.

Urban Skin Detox Masks

Both of these variations; Pore Refining and Moisturising, are masks that I would gravitate to and therefore I used these more for multimasking than for full on masks. Also, from what I can tell, there is a third mask – the Purify version – available overseas at the moment.

Each of the masks available to us have one active ingredient;

Moisturising Mask – Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid detoxifies skin and intensively moiturises for 72 hours leaving a soft, smooth and radiant complexion

  • Detoxifies skin
  • Intensively moisturises
  • Soft, smooth and radiant skin

Pore Refining Mask – A self-heating, translucent gel formula with Magnolia Extract detoxifies skin by reducing environmental stressors and urban pollutants. Relieves from impurities, refines pores and visibly tightens for noticeably clear, smooth and healthy looking skin.

  • Works deep in the pores and detoxifies skin
  • Removes impurities
  • Refines pores
  • Visibly tightens
Moisturising mask on top; Pore Refining on the bottom

Urban Detox Masks

As mentioned above, both of these masks offer properties that I would pick up in-store. The Moisturising mask however made a considerable difference to my skin and overall felt more hydrated and moisturized. Exactly as promised. Along with this Nivea product, I have also been advised to try CBD oil. Stange Uh. But apparently it’s had some good results in the US so maybe one day I’ll order something from a site that sells quicksilver cbd oil, or similar and give it a shot. Anyways! Back to my Nivea review!

Overall, my favourite FAVOURITE aspect of the masks is that they only need to be on the skin for a minute. Yes, it sounds like a novelty but you absolutely do reap the benefits after only 60 seconds.

Urban Skin Detox Masks

I used to be that person that used a face-mask about five times a week. I know, right? How much do you want to bet that all the mommies reading this are rolling their eyes out of their sockets. However my life has spiraled a bit more out of control over the last year or so and there is just NO time in a day to pop on a mask and lounge around luxuriously for ages. These 1 Minute Urban Skin Detox Masks are great in the sense that you need a minute. A MINUTE! And as I said, not novelty. They really are lovely.

And the second best part? These retail for only R99,95 for a 75ML tube and are available from Clicks, Pick ‘n Pay, etc.

Let me know in the comments; have you tried either of these masks? Or do you prefer the sound of the Purify (white clay and active magnolia extract) mask?

Rayne XX