So I don’t know if testing three products thoroughly over six weeks gives one enough insight to feedback on a brand, but these are my thoughts on these three gorgeous Skinderm products. Plus I like to think I know my skin well enough by now to feedback on items after only a short while!

I reviewed the following Skinderm products; pure exfoliating glo pads, pure clarifying mask and the clarifying+ elixir.

First off the pure clarifying mask (R280). Being blessed with the severely dry skin that I have, clay masks are not the best suited to my skin type. Due to this, I did not attempt a full face treatment with the mask but I did use it to spot treatment. When I had a bit of a breakout I applied this mask to only the effected area and it worked really well. It definitely helped bring the irritation and notice-ability of the blemish down.

The above mask IS in fact advertised as suitable for all skin types. I agree and disagree due to the above. I would not advise to apply this all over if you have dry or dehydrated skin. If you are using it the way I used it I would give a big thumbs up! I really did notice the positive changes.


It is a beautiful creamy clay consistency.

Next up. The star of the show for me!! Note how I put in TWO exclamation marks? This product is worthy of both. The exfoliating glo pads (R395) are INCREDIBLE and I made sure to stretch them out over about 40 days even though there are only 30 days worth.

Again, these are noted as suitable for all skin types and I would agree. Along with fabulously dry and parched skin, I have also developed mildly sensitive skin in my 25th year on this earth. These exfoliating glo pads did not cause irritation or sensitivity as other similar exfoliation pads have done .


The last product could not have come at a better time in my skin journey. The clarifying+ elixir (R465) regulates sebum production and alleviates pore congestion. Overall my skin has been congested and clogged up the combination of the above with the glo pads SERIOUSLY did the job.

The clarifying+ elixir is actually aimed towards people with oily skin but I definitely saw the benefits on my own skin when using it. I also felt it was a great second-last product before applying my moisturiser. It does not need an age to sink in the way some other serum products do. My skin practically slurps it up as soon as it is smoothed on.


So would I recommend these Skinderm products? The exfoliating glo pads, YES! The clay mask would get a maybe for dry skinned people but I would highly recommend it for oily peeps. Lastly, I really loved the serum yet I will probably opt for the anti-ageing+ elixir (R580) next time.