Hellooo.. it’s me, Rayne. Do you even remember me? I have been SO slacking on the blogging front. And I pretty much say this every time I publish a new post, or upload a new Instagram post. Urgh.

Lately I have been feeling beyond ‘meh’ when it comes to writing. It is not that there is nothing to write about, if anything I probably have about 6 months of content sitting in my beauty room. Boxes upon boxes of press drops, an overflowing email inbox and more. Coupled with a LOT having gone on in my personal life over the past year, the blogging industry is just so sad at the moment. But I am going to end the depressing tone here…

Today I had the idea to chat about my every day make-up look. Super simple right? One of the most common blog posts around, but something just overtook me and I once again felt that “frizzon” that happens only when one is exceptionally excited about writing, so here we are. 😉

These are my absolute go-to ride-or-die products. They are the products I reach for every day for work. They are also the products that form 80% of my weekend makeup looks. I have used some previously featured photos and some of these images I shot very quickly at home. I also did not bother cleaning up the items, I just shot them as they are! You can see just how gross my vanity is looking at the moment in the background of these… 😛


I do not wear primer on the daily but if I do I will reach for either the Porefessional from Benefit Cosmetics (R395 – for an event or weekend look) or the Smooth Miracle Primer from Max Factor (R239,95 – on a work day). Both of these are brilliant yet very different. The Max Factor is more of a liquidy goodness that freshens up, hydrates and smoothes the face, while the iconic Porefessional immediately fills in your pores. Both give your face a smooth, clear finish. Or I guess I should say a smooth, clear beginning??

A product I do use EVERYDAY, before foundy, is the Barekissed Illuminator in the shade Monaco by the brand Sleek. It gives your skin a glorious luminosity which adds an overall dewy and glowy look to your face.



MAYBELLINE AGE REWIND WITHOUT A DOUBT. You can finally purchase this in SA (as of late September 2018) for around R150 – R170 depending where you shop. The Collection Concealer (only available in the UK) was my ultimate concealer for about 4 years and this has swiftly taken it’s spot. I have been using it for about two years and the day it was announced that we could purchase here was a day I will forever hold close to my heart.

It is as crease-free a concealer as you could possibly get. The shade Light is EXACTLY the perfect shade for my undereyes. It goes on smoothly and silkily and a little goes a long way.


A tricky one for me as I constantly have multiples on the go and they all range from matte to dewy to demi-matte, etc. The Even Complexion Foundation from Yardley is a foundy that we have been sitting on FOR AGES. It is a fool-proof winner for me and I have gone through four bottles at last count. R189.95 for a 30ml glass bottle.


Swiss Chocolate (R245) from MAC. Forever and always.

Obviously I could go really deep into this genre. Naming my favourite eyeshadow singles, duos, quads and palettes with different effects and payoffs would be no task at all for me. But if I honest to goodness had to choose ONE eyeshadow to use for the rest of my life, it would be Swiss Chocolate.


The Sorbet Take a Brow Pocket Kit is my sure favourite. I mentioned it in a previous post when Sorbet makeup first launched and I noted how it was my favourite product of them all. And it is still a fave! It contains two brow powders and a wax (which I do not use). I use the lighter shade on the part of my brow closest to my nose and the darker shade on the tail of my brow. Perfect brows.


I could easily name my top twenty shades in ANY formula of lips. Matte? Sheen? Satin? Creme? Gloss? But currently my favourites are Velvet Teddy from MAC and the Ultra Hi-Fi Cushion Lipglosses from Urban Decay in Naked and Midnight Cowgirl.



Easiest answer of them all. Every single day without fail I wear either the Velvet Touch Eyeliner in Temptation. OR I wear the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour eyeliner in Blackberry. I never EVER used to wear liner in my waterline before 2018. This year I just discovered that purple makes my eyes pop like nothing else. I feel like one of those crazy grannies who religiously wears blue eyeshadow on the daily.


One genre of makeup I always go all out on is mascara. I want BIG FLUTTERY lashes every day, whether I am alone at home, going to work or going to a beauty event. The Maybelline Lash Sensational (R127) is super affordable, AMAZING quality and readily available. I spent so many years obsessed with mascaras which were not available here. It is fabulous to be able to pop your fave mascara into your basket at your local Clicks store!




Another make-up genre where my answer would have been the same now as it was years ago but has now changed. Let’s start with the golden oldie. The Clarins Blush Prodige (R470) in 05 Rose Wood has been my favourite since 2012. And I am still using the same palette. And it BARELY has a dent. Barely. It is the most fabulously perfect shade of blusher, suited to any skin tones. It is just freaking phenomenal.

Cue 2018 and I have fallen head over heels in love for the What a Cheek blush stamp (R169,95) from Sorbet. Ironically it was a product that I liked, but did not love, when I first started using it. Now I have it on hand and keep it in my “on the go” make-up bag for daily use. There are two other shades available but this shade is just soooo gorgeous! I struggle using the actual ‘stamp’ part on my face but I use my blusher brush right off the stamp or I swirl the brush into the cap and voila, GORGEOUS.

EDIT: Aaaah and the Creme Puff Blush in Lovely Pink from Max Factor is also a sure winner. AND it is one of the only blushers that I have ever finished completely.




I have to name two contour shades that I love because there is just no way I could choose between Hoola (R415) from Benefit (a classic!) and the Contour Kit (R290) from The Body Shop. Side note: I still cannot believe I have not spoken to The Body Shop palette on here, but I have showcased it on Instagram PLENTY of times.

Both of these contour shades are spot on perfect for my complexion and I can’t even differentiate between the two. If I did half my face with one and half with the other, I would not be able to tell you which is which.

Hoola is a cult classic, loved by beauty gurus and make-up artists alike, and the Contour Kit from The Body Shop is much lesser known. The price difference is vast and the Contour Kit includes a highlight shade, a blusher and a bronzer shade.



My favourite popping “channeling the Tin Man” highlighter would be the quad palette in Cleopatra’s Kiss, from Sleek.  This is unfortunately not available here and is always one of my first recommendations when people ask what my recommendations for overseas purchases are.

My favourite muted “wearable for work” highlighter would be the highlight shade that comes in the The Body Shop Contour Kit (R290), as mentioned above.



No surprises here. I use my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray (R460) every single day without fail. It is hands down the most iconic setting spray of all time, and rightfully so! I have tried and tested so many other options and nothing comes even close.


A new scent that I only started using two weeks ago is La vie est belle from Lancôme and it has very quickly become my favourite perfume of all time. No exaggeration. This is my new signature scent. I am beyond obsessed and you can read all about it in my latest blog post.


And that’s all, folks! I know there are a few items like brow shaping products, loose and setting powders, etc etc that I have not included but I wanted to keep this to a very strict EVERYDAY routine. And yes, I use all of these almost every single day… eeeeek.

What do you think of my must-have everyday picks? Do you spot anything that is a must have product for you, too?

Rayne XX