It has been a minute since I tested out any Yardley face products! I am a huge fan of their Stayfast lipsticks which are the perfect middle ground between a matte and a silky sheen. Blush and Coral are my top two favourites.


Anyway, as I said, I have not used any of their face products for a year or two. So when these foundations and concealers arrived, I was very interested in seeing what they could do. Even though I can only test out the lighter shades, I was sent a large variety. Already the range of shades available is HUGELY impressive. I am not certain of the exact amounts, but there are a fair few in the Even Complexion Foundation range and the HD Concealer range.
Seeing Candice’s glowing (haha, excuse the pun) review on this range definitely contributed to my extra intrigue-ness!

The foundation was my favourite out of all of the products. It is a straightforward great product. Good coverage with the extra bonus of being buildable. Initially I thought my colour-match Sand Beige was slightly too ashy, but once it was blended in it was an exact match. An exact match. I really was impressed. Overall it has a luminous and silky look, so not for you if you are looking for a matte effect.

The Even Complexion Foundation contains SPF 20, without emitting the scent of sunblock – thankfully! It also contains Porcelain flower extract and Synerlight. The Synerlight contributing to the overall moisturising factor of the foundation. I would definitely call this foundation a thumbs up. It wore really nicely throughout the day with almost no undereye creasing (which is something I have to seriously keep my eye on as these baby undereye wrinkles get deeper!). My favourite part of the foundation was that it leaves no sticky or uncomfortable residue in the least. Again, really impressed.
The Even Complexion Foundation is R189.95 for a 30ml glass bottle.

Even Complexion Foundation


Next up is the range of concealers and one highlighter. The concealers, again, seriously impress me right off the bat based on the high range of shades with both warm and cool tones. I used the shades Light and Light Medium for under my eyes and forehead. I used the green concealer for covering blemishes and then Light Medium over the green.
The roll-up pen design is nifty and allows the ease of being precise on your face. The consistency was very silky and light, which is a bonus, however I did feel like I needed to really layer up concealer underneath my eyes to get my desired high coverage effect. I would still recommend these concealers, especially for covering up blemishes as they really did the trick in that department.


Even Complexion Foundation


The HD Highlighter is freaking stunning when swatched on your hand. I just unfortunately cannot get the same effect on my face. I have never been the best with blending out cream highlighters (I have said this a million times before) so I cannot get the payoff looking that great on my face. However, I am still able to get a lovely effect from it on my cupid’s bow and underneath my eyebrows. They sell for R109 each and I am unsure of the weight. When fully rolled up they are about 6cm in length.


From top to bottom: Light, Light Medium, Medium, Medium Warm, Medium Dark, Dark, green concealer and highlighter


Next up are the Even Complexion Pressed Powders. Pretty much for the whole of 2017 I have stayed away from setting powders. I just felt my face looked better with less powder products. However, I still use powder bronzers and blushers daily. Just not face setting powders. Therefore, I stayed away from using these powders for anything other than testing the Translucent setting powder thrice.

I found that the Caramel Fudge and Almond pressed powders worked really nicely as bronzers. If I had to, I would compare them to my Face of Australia bronzer, which is my ultimate bronzer of choice! It is just a simple easy-to-blend matte which works perfectly for me as I tend to try stay away from shimmery contour and bronzer options as much as possible during the cold months. Again, it was light and airy on my skin. It did not leave any “cake face” feeling on my skin in the slightest!


Even Complexion Foundation
A very plain Jane photo with barely any makeup. I am wearing Sand Beige foundation, with the green concealer and two shades of concealer under my eyes. I also have just a smidgen of the Translucent pressed powder on my face with a little bit of Almond pressed powder used as bronzer.

And lastly, the HD Mascara. I was super excited to try this because it has the EXACT wand that I know works best for my lashes. The longer and skinnier the better! I found the formulation to be quite thin and I would have preferred it to be slightly thicker in order to achieve a more “dense” set of lashes. Other than that I adored the long wand. It makes your lashes long and luscious and keeps them nicely separated. No clumpy spider lashes here! The super slim width of the wand also allows you to use this mascara for both your top and bottom lashes. Instead of having to swap out whilst doing your makeup – something I find myself having to do far too often! Available to purchase for R149.


And there you have it! I feel like I have been typing for HOURS but I am so pleased with pretty much all of these Yardley products, I just knew they all needed a little place on my blog. Please leave me a comment below if you are wanting a review on any Yardley products in particular.


Yardley London products can be found in Clicks stores nationwide, as well as online from Clicks and

Rayne XX