You will be hard pressed to find a bigger Kardashian fan than me. I don’t care if you love them or hate them, I love them. Today I am reviewing the Side Long Glance Lashes & Eyeshadow Duo which are from the ‘Kourtney’ range.

But when it comes to beauty, I think they have zero interest in the products they release. These lashes are probably the 4th or 5th product I have tested and they are (almost) always a fail. I am going to try and keep this review short and sweet but yikes.

Side Long Glance Lashes & Eyeshadow Duo
Looking good so far, no?

Lashes: From the outside, they look awesome. Gorgeous and fluttery and a bit unusual, these look like they would give great volume. Nope. They sit weirdly on your lids, they are too long on the ends and they are stiff as all hell. Yes, I cut them shorter. Yes, I tried the bendy trick. These alterations yielded no improvement.

Eyeshadows: All the things you don’t want in a shadow. These are chalky and heavy and difficult to blend. There is shadow kickback AND fallout. In fairness, the two shades work beautifully together. One matte and one shimmer makes for a lovely sultry evening look. But they are awful consistencies. Honestly, when it comes to what you don’t want in an eyeshadow, you have it here. Besides for all of that, the pans are shallow and you will get hardly any product out of it.

You can purchase these at Stuttafords stores which means you’ll have to hop on a plane to JHB. They cost roughly R175. I recall that they were on sale so they do cost more, but I cannot remember how much more. I definitely will not be repurchasing. If these lashes were a great pair of reuseables and the shadows were great, I would be happy spending up to maybe R400.

Try as I might, there are little to NO reviews on this at all. So I have no idea if my bad impression was normal or not.

I would love to hear some more opinions and thoughts on this duo, please let me know your experience!!

Rayne XX