SALT at Waterford is one of the restaurant establishments falling under The Salt Road brand. The Salt Road is a culinary concept that showcases global cuisine inspired by salting techniques at venues around South Africa and, coming soon, around the world. Our premium offering is a personal, delicious and informative experience, the first of its kind in pairing salt, wine and food.


“At our core, we value cooking in a way that truly upholds the integrity of our brand
name: SALT.” – Chef Beau Du Toit; co-owner

Salt is the global culinary common denominator, going back thousands of years across all cultures. The Salt Road provides a link between the history of this incredible mineral and the refined culture we enjoy today. At SALT we focus on the science and history of salt; our food is often described as the alchemy between salt and food – prepared from the salt first, and entirely from first principles.

SALT Unique Qualities
• The SALT restaurant concept is the first of its kind to pair salt, wine and food; exploring global cuisine
inspired by salting techniques

• SALT at Waterford is one venue for the SALT restaurant concept – Waterford Estate
is a gorgeous villa-inspired wine estate with premium wines direct from Waterford
vineyards served at the restaurant

• While salt seems to be a humble and ordinary ingredient, it is a cornerstone for
civilisation and is a centrepiece in our culinary and food preservation history (think
back to the time before refrigeration: salt was key to making the most out of every
season and being able to preserve it over time)

• SALT celebrates the natural phenomenon that is salt: almost every single country in
the world has a source of salt within it; salt, water and oxygen are the three
essentials for life to exist; there are over 200 varieties of salt globally, over 12
techniques for harvesting and processing salt, over 14,000 uses for salt.


• Every table at SALT has a selection of three unique salts: 1) Baleni Salt; a sacred
river salt harvested through an ancient weave-basket method; 2) Black lava salt;
sourced from Iceland; and 3) Red clay salt from Hawaii

• The SALT kitchen believes in back-to-roots cooking, or cooking the way our
grandmothers did; meaning, cooking from first principles with seasonal produce, and
focusing on preservation techniques for food storage

• Produce is locally sourced from farmers and suppliers in the area, supporting the
SALT ethos of knowing exactly where each ingredient is from

• Embodying their name, each salting technique is the key feature in every dish – dish
elements often take weeks to prepare, allowing time for the curing, brining, pickling,
fermenting and preserving processes to take place. For example, one of their recent
top selling dishes includes a pancetta that takes three weeks to prepare before it is
ready for the table. All this is done in their own kitchen.



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