Taking your sports bra off does not need to be a workout in itself! 

It goes without saying that I am here for body-positivity – and by no means do I feel one HAS TO lose weight for any life event, but with that being said I am proud to say that I have been working on my overall health and fitness levels in the run-up to my wedding *yesterday was the 5 months countdown, ya’ll* and I have been LOVING IT! But I have to say that my number #1 tip is to wear the correct attire when embarking on these (in my case) life-changing life changes 😉 Shop now for the best sports bra options online – here.

I have been feeling better. Looking better. My head has been clearer. All around, I am seeing positive changes in so many different aspects of my life. I really hope this new addition to my routine is here to stay!

Choosing the best workout gear can be daunting – ESPECIALLY when it comes to strapping up the girls. Therefore I have decided to put together this list of my top picks of sports bra options to consider purchasing.

  1. Support sports bra – blue – from Daily Friday

    These support bras look to be super supportive! This is a style that I am yet to try, but I have always been happy with purchases from the Daily Friday brand. There are multiple straps as well as one large adjustable clasp at the back and I love that the pads are removable. You’d be surprised to find how many brands don’t allow for removable cups!
    Sports Bra

    2. Lifestyle yoga crop – garden floral – from Cotton On 

    These Cotton On yoga crops are a true hidden gem. Not only is the style available in a huge array of colours and patterns, but it is also a great option for much more than just yoga! I can happily wear it for any and all types of light exercise.

    Sports Bra

    3. Seamless low long bra – black – from Under Armour

    Potentially the most esteemed workout wear brand available on Superbalist! You can truly never, everrrrr go wrong with an Under Armour item. A V-Neck sports bra is a bit more rare to find (as compared to a scoop neck) and the thin straps allow for plenty of free and unconstricted movement. This product is currently marked down on a fab discount so I encourage you to check it out ASAP!

    Sports Bra


    Have you tried out any of these options? Superbalist has the largest range of brands that I have ever seen and, as usual, it is my #1 online spot to shop!

Rayne xx