Autumn is well on its way to Cape Town and South Africa – and what is more Cape Tonian than a fabulous puffer jacket? And with all the amazing choices out there, never mind just one jacket, multiple puffer jackets are the name of the game! 

As usual, I do all of my clothing shopping online and nothing has changed when searching for my latest winter purchases. I have been searching for puffer jackets online for weeks now and – surprise, surprise – once again Superbalist has the largest variation on offer!

A few years ago we all had one standard (and usually black) puffer jacket in our wardrobes. Now there are are so many choices; colours, texture length and more. Here are a few of my favourites that I spotted on the Superbalist website.


  1. Mid Length Puffer in Light Green – R999; I absolutely adore this colour. It is possibly my favourite puffer jacket design to date. The full-length style is a must-have if you live in a colder part of the country and the bottons down the side of the legs offers more movement and flexibility. I would not have survived living in Amsterdam without my long puffer jacket!Puffer Jackets
  2. Quilted Puffer – Black – R999; Your classic black puffer but with a quilty twist. The texture adds something different to the jacket, and I also love the cuffed sleeves.Puffer Jackets
  3. Rainbow Puffer Jacket – R399 but currently on sale for R279; You guys know I love matching with my little Violet, and this jacket would suit her just perfectly. It also comes with a hood which is always a bonus as my 2 year old, like most others, refuses to wear a scarf and hat no matter how cold it is.Puffer Jackets
  4. Crop Puffer – R799; This ecru crop puffer jacket is a great take on a modern puffer. The light colour combined with the fact that it is hood-less which gives a really sleek and polished look overall.Puffer Jackets

Honestly I love puffer jackets and if I had the money I would own about ten different ones! I love that you can wear one on the side of a field cheering on a sports team and you can also rock one out to dinner in town. They really are a versatile piece of clothing no matter what style you go for.

I’d love to know which of the puffer jackets available on the Superbalist website are favourites of yours? Let me know in the comment section!

Rayne xx