With the shortest day of the year on our doorstep, it’s getting cold and winter is starting to test our resolve. With each pitch black morning and chilly evening, skipping the gym, snuggling into bed and going back to comfort food has never been more inviting (and we really can’t kid ourselves any longer – it is not cold enough for us to burn any calories walking from our front door to the car). This is the season of losing focus on our new year’s resolutions, with that promise to eat clean and stay healthy flying out the window.


Yet, all is not lost! With GD Chocolate you can still cure those comfort sugar cravings while sticking to your resolutions and benefiting your body. GD Chocolate is a vegan, sugar-free and preservative free chocolate brand based in Cape Town that combines an emphasis on natural, healthy and vitamin rich ingredients with a wide variety of forms and flavours that will leave your mouth watering.

Championing honey as a natural sweetener, many of GD Chocolates are also loaded with superfoods, such as the Rooibos and Macha chocolate slab, Turkish Rose and Vanilla buttercup, Collagen Loaded chocolate log and many, many more! Therefore, with a focus on clean eating, health benefits and ultimate craving and treat satisfaction, GD chocolates is your one stop shop for every indulgence you deserve to get through this winter season.


About GD Chocolate:

Gayleen’s Decadence (GD) is really passionate about bringing deliciously healthy options for chocolate onto the South African market. GD chocolates are dairy-free and contain no cane sugar as only the very best local raw honey is used. They also contain no soya lecithin, preservatives, artificial colourants or flavourants.

Website: https://gdchocolate.com

Instagram and Facebook: @gdchocolate

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