Every time I post about a cleanser on here I am absolutely RAVING about it. And today – as with all other days – it is with good reason!

The Pure Exfoliating Wash from Optiphi is the latest addition to their Classic range and I fell in love with in very quickly. It is labelled as a two-in-one but should really be called a three-for-one. The cleanser cleanses (obviously), but it is also a physical as well as a chemical exfoliator. The cleanser is also suited to sensitive skins as well as bearded skins. So essentially a product for both males and females.

Pure Exfoliating Wash

A sensitive topic in the beauty world at the moment is the effect that exfoliator and scrub products have on the environment due to the beads within the product. Wonderfully, the beads in the Pure Exfoliating Wash formulation are biodegradable and micro-plastic free.

So how did my skin feel within two weeks of use? Clearly I am a fan of this Pure Exfoliating Wash, and for more reasons than one. For starters, I am INCREDIBLY lazy at this stage of my pregnancy and my usual skincare routine of double – sometimes triple – cleansing has all but gone out the window. The Pure Exfoliating Wash does a wonderful job of cleansing the skin entirely without me needing to go in with a second cleanse. The wash then also acts as a exfoliant which means I can skip out on that “added” step in my routine.

The wash is gentle enough to use on your eyes too and mascara and eyeliner are completely removed. Thankfully the beads in the formula are also gentle and you do not feel like you are exfoliating your eyelids. Imagine!

Now to spit out a bit of jargon for those of you in the know in the skincare realm…

Malic Acid offers a humectant action, resulting in a more hydrated and supple skin. As an exfoliant, this acid improves skin smoothness and skin texture and offers an alternative to Glycolic Acid for sensitive skins, or darker skins prone to hyperpigmentation. Additionally, Malic Acid offers a brightening effect for pigmentation prone skins.

Gentle Calming Beads with Vitamin B5 include a safe scrub bead technology in a pressure sensitive bio degradable bead. These micro-plastic free beads release Dpanthenol (Vitamin B5), which improves corneum hydration, reduces transepidermal water loss and maintains skin softness and elasticity.

Pure Exfoliating Wash

Overall, in a cleanser, I look for two things. How thorough of a cleanse does the product give me? And how does my skin feel after? There is nothing worse than a cleanser leaving you with that tight, almost squeaky feeling on the skin. The Pure Exfoliating Wash truly is a winner in both of these. My face is thoroughly cleansed but it does not feel stripped whatsoever. I follow with a few spritzes of my Suskin Hydrating Mist Toner, Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum and my Cetaphil Rich Night Cream and my skin is happy until morning.


I would love to hear your thoughts if you have used this cleanser. Let me know in the comments below!


Rayne XX