Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve obviously been extremely discerning when it comes to my skincare routine. Apart from that 60 minute pro power peel I went for prior to knowing I was pregnant (+-2 weeks) – oops! But Baby McD is all good. Thankfully it’s a treatment where the concern is more regarding pigmentation than harming the baby.

Anyway. Moving on. I’ve been a bit hectic with my skincare regime and eliminating anything that isn’t 110% safe. This gorgeous Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum (R499) is a fabulous addition that I trialed, tested and LOVED before falling pregnant (yes, that is exactly how delayed my blog is at the mo!), as well as into the first few weeks of pregnancy. So I thought I’d clear the air regarding Eucerin and pregnant woman before publishing this post.

To quote the PR team directly “Eucerin products have NOT been tested on Pregnant women (ethically not prohibited) so there is no scientific proof that it is safe or not. However there are NO harmful ingredients in the product that would make it UNSAFE for you to use during pregnancy.”

And there you have it. It’s also noteworthy to mention that the majority of the time, there isn’t a concern that the ingredients will harm your unborn child. It is moreso that the hormones in the mothers body may react badly with said ingredients and cause pigmentation of the skin. There are, of course, exceptions with extremely active ingredients and treatments. But in this scenario, this isn’t the case.

Okay, and moving on. Again.

This gorgeous Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum is a nifty dual chambered product housing two powerful formulas. These formulas combined will taget anti-ageing, refine the skin’s texture, and fill those wrinkles while moisturising the skin. A quadruple hit of potent-ness more than a double!

Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum

Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum

Inspired by the HA (hyaluronic acid) skin peels and injections used by dermatologists, Eucerin added both a concentrated high and low molecular dose of HA to the Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum. The high molecular dose will work on smoothing the outer layers of the skin, while the lower molecular HA will penetrate further into the epidermis. This is possible due to the lower molecules being 40 times smaller than the high dose. The deeper wrinkles form in the dermal layer while our fine lines originate on the outer epidermis. This way, you are targeting both.

Dual efficacy anti-age peeling and hyaluronic serum

If you’re confused about the chambers housing ” different” products, let me explain that both are, in fact, serums. They look different due to the ingredients encapsulated in the individual formulas. The serum explained previous is essentially the “hydrating” portion of the product.

The second chamber contains your glycolic acids and exfoliating ingredients. Once the two are combined, the skin will be buffed and polished to feel smooth and refined.

The Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum is used in your nighttime skincare routine so as to let the product work its magic while you sleep. It is said to plump up “even the deepest wrinkles” but I cannot comment on this mainly due to the fact that I don’t have any seriously deep-set wrinkles. What I can say is that my skin definitely did feel more refined than what I didn’t use this in my routine. I also give it a major thumbs-up in the “promoted skin renewal” department as my skin truly felt the differences after about 10 days. My face had that “just been for a peel” look that I adore. I mean, who doesn’t?!

Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling

Something important to note.. While you SHOULD be using sunscreen every single day, no matter the weather! This product is guaranteed to leave your skin slightly more sensitive to the sun. So if you weren’t already lathering yourself up in sunscreen. This is your reason to begin! And no, I do not mean add sunscreen to your nighttime regime 😉 Just be sure to apply sunscreen the next morning.

Overall the Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Night Peeling & Serum gets a double thumbs up from me. I have finished the bottle but once baby has arrived, I will happily be purchasing another!

Rayne XX