I’ve had this post drafted in the backend of my blog for months and it’s finally time to chat about the Sorbet Hydro Skin range!

Sorbet is a heavily raved about brand on my side. I use their makeup range daily (yes, really) and their skincare contains some of my favourite items to date. And the Hydro Skin collection is yet another highlight for me.

Cleanse & Balance 3-in-1 Foam Cleanser – R89

A cleanser containing hyaluronic acid? Yes please! This cleanser is a super choice for cleansing skin and removing makeup.  It also contains omega 3 & 6 and vitamins A & E, so you know you’re giving your face a bit of extra love without having to pile on extra products.

The cleanser is formulated for all skin types – including sensitive – which I was originally a bit hesitant about. But I can attest to the fact that yes, it suits sensitive skin just fine.

Hydro Skin

Aqua Day Gel – R220

Potentially my favourite in the Hydro Skin range, this gel day cream is exactly what it sounds like. It’s lightweight with a gel consistency and truly adds a boost of moisture to the skin.
Having dry and sensitive skin I’ve always opted for incredibly rich and creamy moisturizers in the past and I’ve only recently realized how delicate and calming a good gel-consistency cream is for my skin. A winner in my book!

Hydro Skin

Recovery Sleep Mask – R220

A slightly confusing product in the way that this isn’t actually a mask… But it is… But it isn’t. Bear with me.

The Hydro Skin sleep mask is also known as the Aqua Night Gel. When I think of a sleeping mask I immediately think of every other sleeping mask I have ever used. Aka a thick layer of cream – consistency product which has me petrified of staining my silk pillowcases all night. NOT ideal.

However this Aqua Night Gel is simply a night cream – a gel version – which nourishes the skin as you sleep. Just like a regular night cream would. The formula contains saccharide isomerate, lentil seed extract, seaweed powder and edelweiss. All of which are appropriate to use on all skin types. Furthermore, the formula is delightful and extremely similar to the matching Aqua Day Gel. Light, gel-like, and it sinks in beautifully.

Hydro Skin

See below for the textures and consistency of all three Hydro Skin products. The gel products are similar in consistency while the foam is luxuriously foamy. And to top it off, the scent across the range is beautiful. Soft and clean and delicate!

Let me know if you have used this range before and what you thought of it! 

Rayne XX