My review on Sorbet 365 has been a LONG time coming! And it has been highly requested every time I post a “What should I review next” poll on Instagram. So here it finally is!

The silver lining of me being 5 months delayed with this post (yes, really, the launch was in freakin’ JUNE!) is that I now have an in-depth knowledge as I have been using the range for months and in some cases, I have finished the product up. A sure sign of a winner or two amongst the batch 😉

First up, a bit of info on this newest addition to the steadily growing Sorbet range.

Multicleanse 75ml – R275

Starting off with the product which I was the most unsure about. Because I started using the Sorbet 365 range in my pregnancy, my skin was acting all sorts of weird. Originally I felt that the Multicleanse was a bit stripping on my dry skin, but I think I had been going through a drier-skin-than-usual patch. I started trialling the Multicleanse a week or so later and I am currently on the last few dregs. It is great!

It would certainly be suited to an oilier skin, as well as combination, as opposed to super dry skin, but it removes make-up brilliantly and I use it for my second cleanse. In a pinch, you could certainly use this as your only cleanse if you aren’t in the mood for a two-parter.

Sorbet 365

Instant Hydrating Mask 30ml – R595

I knew I would love this addition to the Sorbet 365 range before I tried it. I adore masks and I really adore hydrating masks. The formula is creamy, soothing and thick, exactly what I look for in a hydrating mask.

Best of all? The mask needs to only sit on the skin for three minutes. This is such a plus for me as I strayed from my masking habits due to the fact that I don’t want to allocate 15 – 20 minutes of my evening. I know, who am I even?! Where is the person who used to multi-mask every single night?!

My newfound laziness aside, I adore that the mask is a simple 3-minute process and I have pretty much finished the entire tube. My skin is left feeling plump and healthy after using, and once followed with a nourishing night cream, I am good to go!

There are two other Instant masks in the Sorbet 365 range; the Radiance mask and the Soothing mask and all 3 retail for R595 each.

Sorbet 365

Skin Hydrating Serum 30ml – R775

Now this is a product that has had the beauty world buzzing. Thanks to the brill active ingredients found in the formula and it’s lightweight consistency, it is an overall winner. To be used morning and evening, the serum pairs beautifully with pretty much every day and night cream that I have layered it with. And let me assure you, I have tested quite a handful over the last while!

Designed to diminish fine lines and slow down the deepening of wrinkles, I cannot speak to these aspects too much, but I can say that I did see an overall improvement in the skin. I have always been a fan of serums and I truly see a quick difference when religiously using a really good serum. This Sorbet 365 Skin Hydrating Serum is no exception! I will definitely be using it up and potentially repurchasing.

Sorbet 365

Check back next Monday for my thoughts on two more products from the Sorbet 365 range! The Active Eye Cream and the Defence SPF 30+.

Rayne XX