This is one of the posts that fell to the wayside when I found out I was pregnant – sorry guys! So these sheet masks are no longer brand new, but they are still the newest sheet masks in The Body Shop’s collection.

I tested out the original sheet mask that The Body Shop brought out – the Drops of Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask – and I was sold. Truth be told, I did not have high hopes based on the fact that the masks are on the pricier side of “mid-end” skincare, and due to me having used upwards of 30+ different brands of sheet masks. So impressing me with a sheet mask is not easy.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the first mask and loved it as much as I did. In a nutshell, my skin was left ticking all the boxes that one looks for in a sheet-mask. My skin was supple, plump, hydrated and oh-so-glowy!

Seaweed Balance, Vitamin E Quench and Aloe Calm Hydration are the latest additions to join The Body Shop’s list of sheet mask offerings.

Seaweed Balance Sheet Mask

Essentially all three masks offer similar benefits. All are infused with ingredients to increase the skin’s hydration, calm and refresh the skin, while remaining vegan and bio-degradable. While each mask is geared toward a different skin type (ie Aloe for dry/sensitive, Seaweed for oily/combo, and Vitamin E for all skintypes), I have dry skin and all three worked beautifully.

The sachets include a LOT of serum. More than enough for you to apply the excess all the way down your neck and onto your chest. Do not forget your hands! When researching the product online, I have seen people make mention that the sachet contains plenty of product but that the sheet did not absorb as it should. I have used four of these masks now and I have not had an issue. Even so, make sure to check the way your sheet-masks are stored so that this does not happen to you. I keep mine lying horizontally (flat on their backs) inside of a box and out of sunlight. You definitely do not want to waste a smidgen of serum!

Because I am dealing with pregnancy hormones (I know that I bring this up in every single skincare post, but it truly makes a huge change in your skin) and some days I wake up with oilier skin. Like I said before, usually I am super dry so I really have no products to assist. I recalled that the Seaweed Balance Sheet Mask¬†contains mattifying properties so I gave it a go. You can bet I was petrified that these so-called “mattifying” ingredients would dry me out. Surprisingly, the matte-ness was perfectly balanced with the hydrating and refreshing properties found in the Seaweed Balance Sheet Mask.

Seaweed Balance Sheet Mask

Moving onto the sheet-mask that I was most excited for; the Vitamin E Quench variation. This version is enriched with natural-origin hyaluronic acid from France, wheatgerm oil and Community Trade organic aloe vera. Of all three moisturising masks, this one is the most moisturising of the lot! I could happily apply this and lie in the bath for 10 hours soaking in the relaxation.

The mask dries as your skin absorbs the serum so you know you are not losing out on a drop of product. I leave my mask on until it dries up and no longer sticks down firmly. I find this goes slightly over the allocated 15 minutes. Maybe more around 20 or so minutes. Either way, be sure to carve out enough “ME TIME” to really reap every second of benefit from your sheet-mask. This sheet mask is geared towards all skin-types.

Seaweed Balance Sheet Mask

Lastly, the Aloe Calm Hydration Sheet Mask. This worked similarly to the Vitamin E Quench Mask actually, and the benefits were very comparable. This version is formulated with dry and sensitive skin in mind (ME!) and it delivers on the calming and soothing aspect thanks to the added cucumber extract and aloe vera.

Overall, each mask was a treat to use. My suggestion – if you’re looking to trial one – is to opt for the Vitamin E version as it is suitable for all skin types. I really appreciate how The Body Shop makes sure to include a mask of this kind. Just in case your skin is playing up or you don’t know what skin type you have!

The sheet masks retail for R95 each. Try and grab them when they are on the legendary 3-for-2 special. That way you are grabbing them for less than R65 per mask.

Be sure to let me know in the comments if you purchase one of these sheet masks. And let me know what you thought of it! 

Rayne XX