I’ve been very excited to sit down and type up this post! Reason being that – spoiler alert – I truly ADORE this product. The Intense Nourishing Oil from Skinderm.

I feel as if I’ve certainly paid my dues when it comes to facial oils. I’ve used a LOT. The Skin Creamery oil, the ELEMIS Superfood Facial oil, a few variations from L’Oréal.. Basically I’ve tried and tested different facials oils from both affordable and high end brands.

For reference sake, I adored and finished both the Skin Creamery and ELEMIS options. However I could not find a L’Oréal facial oil which worked well for me. I tried two versions and while they worked nicely for a bit, they didn’t have quite the same effect after a few days of use.

The reason I was so intrigued by the Skinderm Intense Nourishing Oil (R420) (and why I popped it right to the top of my blogging “priority” list) is because, to me, Skinderm is one of those brands that sits nicely in the middle of your pocket. It’s not cheap, it’s not a splurge, the brand has reasonable pricing yet the majority of their products are phenomenal. Truly. You can scour my blog and you’ll find maybe one product that I didn’t adore. (Okay I’ll save you the hassle. It was the Clay Mask and that’s only because I have dry skin ;))

Intense Nourishing Oil

So, like I said, I was VERY excited to play. I was immediately pleased to see that the oil is in a pump bottle. This is the first facial oil I have come across with a pump instead of a dropper. This is a much better option for both hygiene and waste reasons. You can really get every single drop out of the bottle in this form.

The formulation was designed to tackle collagen loss, mild pigmentation, and skin which is in need of nourishment. Even more important than those three though is that if you are someone who, like me, struggles with dry skin, then a facial oil is PERFECT for you. Dry skin lacks oils and lipids, not water, like one may think. So before you think the oil formula may clog your pores (as I once did), think about what your skin-type needs.

With that being said, the Intense Nourishing Oil can be used with all skin-types. A dry skin may reap more obvious/visible benefits, though.

Ingredients you’ll find in the oil are Vitamins E and C. These will assist in repairing already damaged skin as well as protecting the skin from free radical exposure and damage.

Overall I truly see the difference in my skin and I saw a difference in less than a week of use. My skin overall feels more supple and plumper. It really made me curse myself for straying from facial oils. It really reminded me of why I loved them so much to begin with! The overall look is just “healthier” and almost as if the clarity has improved too.

Intense Nourishing Oil

You may be wondering where a facial oil would fit into your skincare regime, and there are a few ways. The method I find achieves the best results is as follow:

  • Double cleanse as usual; for me this is a balm followed by a cream cleanser
  • Mask or scrub if using on the night
  • Toner (I always, always apply with my fingers)
  • Probiotic essence (again, I always use my fingers and massage or pat into skin)
  • This is where I slot in the facial oil. I use three drops mixed with a teensy bit of water.
  • I then let the oil sink into my skin for a bit before applying moisturiser

My skincare routine is significantly reduced as I am pregnant, but I am loving this current regime. I also adore applying the oil to my face when I am relaxing in the bath. The scent is beyond divine. It reminds me so much of a super high-end product or candle that I own.. but I just cannot put my finger on it. So I like to apply the oil to my face using my fingertips and then give myself a few more minutes to soak in the bath while the luxurious scent relaxes me. Such a gorgeous way to wind down at the end of the day.

If you are interested in ordering the Intense Nourishing Oil, you can take a peek at the Perfect10 website. You’ll find more info as well as stockist information there.

Rayne XX