Hello guys. It’s me again, your friendly internet moaner, Rayne. Back again to regale you with sob stories about my “tough pregnancy”.

Quotation marks are in play because I know – BELIEVE ME, I KNOW – that this pregnancy is nowhere near tough if you compare me to some of the warrior mamas that we have out there. Or the mamas who aren’t able to carry babies at all. I think about these women every damn day and I know they would swap years worth of HG (I don’t have this, I am just referencing one of the worst symptoms to make a point) and other awful pregnancy symptoms to be able to bear a child at the end.

But today I am in a mood. Or should I say; A MOOD. A bad one at that. I had the worst night’s sleep which consisted of not sleeping until about 1AM then sleeping from 1AM – 3.30AM then waking up needing to wee. Side note; I have not yet entered the phase of needing to wee ten times a night. So I have something to look forward to! I then fell back asleep FINALLY at about 4.15AM and was awoken by a Niagra Fall’s-esque nosebleed at about 4.45AM. It really was horrible and starting your Monday on this note is never fun.

Oh and this awful night followed on from a Sunday of 1) vomiting twice when my lovely Chris cooked us a roast meal for dinner, and 2) a different but just as bad nosebleed after dinner. I swear you do not know nosebleeds until you’ve seen a pregnant persons’ nosebleed! It’s like a bloody crime scene afterwards. I have always been prone to nosebleeds in the hotter months but woweeee… these are something else. I can imagine all the mom’s reading this are thinking “hehehe lady, you have NO IDEA what is coming if a nosebleed grosses you out!” 

Thankfully today (Monday) I have so far managed to keep down a Woolies yoghurt, 2 pieces of Sally Hansen’s Almond Honey Nougat, a pear, and half a bottle of naartjie Energade. This is a major achievement for me and I feel happier as the minutes’ tick by, just thinking of my body sucking up all the lovely nutrients. Doubt that the nougat contains many vits & minerals but at least there is something in my stomach. I have not taken my prenatal vitamins yet this morning as these seem to be one of the key factors in setting my vomiting off.

The constant state of nausea is one thing, the actual throwing up is a whole different party. On that note, I weighed myself this weekend for the third time in the pregnancy and I’m down another 2.5KG. That means since finding out I am pregnant, I have lost a total of 7,5KG. Absolute mania. At least I have extra room “to grow” when I hit the trimester where you’re suddenly starving all the time.

So while I was lying in bed last night feeling sorry for myself (jokes, all I do while lying awake at night is cradle my tummy and tell the baby I love it via osmosis) I decided to scroll through my Instagram and try to sift through the major backlog of messages. And oh my HEAVENS. A few days prior I had mentioned how nauseous I was. But the number of people who suggested I try ginger to lessen my nausea… I wanted to scream.

GORGEOUS unseen photo of me in the 10th week of pregnancy. This was after we had our 10 week bloods done and I was ACTUALLY HUNGRY!! I made Chris take millions of photos to prove to people that I am in fact eating. Sorry that they look like they were taken on a Nokai 3310. I was eating carrots, chocolate mousse (which I then found out you aren’t allowed in pregnancy), grain crackers and dips. PS am in the lounge on a sleeper couch, this is not our bedroom.

I understand that makes me sound like the biggest brat because people are going out of their way to try assist me. But seriously. Don’t you think I have tried ginger? It is the FIRST thing that pops up on any Google, Bing or Internet Explorer search. I know these people are “well-meaning” but I am allowed to be a bit ranty, am I not? I’ve also mentioned in almost every single IG story that yes, I have tried ginger/ginger ale/ginger tea/ginger bon-bons and nothing helps and I think this is what annoyed me the most. When I just posted three videos in a row chatting about how I had desperately been trying to drink ginger for two days, and then someone wants to recommend I do just that.

I even mentioned in my pregnancy announcement post that I will throw a 2L bottle of ginger ale at the next person who suggests I try it. Waaay more people watch my Instagram stories than those who read my blog posts, but I still needed to vent on here. Please, oh please, I beg of you, do not suggest I try ginger in any way, shape, or form. Thanking you.