And now, I give you, my second favourite skincare product of 2016. Ta daaa… the Facial Hydrating Oil from Skin Creamery. You can read in my previous skincare post what I think of the other latest release from Skin Creamery – The Cleansing Facial Powder – here.




You can purchase any of the three Skin Creamery products directly from the website or from the following stockists. 

So in my previous post I mentioned that I received both of the latest releases on the same day and I used them immediately. And continued to use them. And use them.. I couldn’t go a day without my face literally craving my Skin Creamery goodies! I even Snapchatted how I had to stop using them for “a  few days” in order to review some other skincare products and that only lasted a day!





The Facial Hydrating Oil is basically a delectable facial oil made up of jojoba, Kalahari melon, marula oil, and baobab. The beauty of this is that, because of the smarty pants ingredients, the oil does not clog your pores as one would expect of an oil. The jajoba acts as a cleanser from the inside once it is fully absorbed into your face, the marula heals and hydrates and the Kalahari melon seed oil adds regenerating properties to the oil.




If I had to choose my favourite pros of this oil, they would be the fact that the oil is hydrating, it also acts as an anti-inflammatory (so when other skincare harms your face, this babe rescues you) and, of course, it is totally natural and organic.

Even the scent is natural and jeez Louise, you have to smell it to believe it. It is DIVINE. Like, I really cannot say enough great things about this brand. My Cleansing Facial Powder is nearly finished because I use it twice a day and I will most definitely be repurchasing it ASAP. My Facial Hydrating Oil however will probably last a few months as you only need a few drops a day.

It is recommended to drop a few drops into your hand (play around, you may use only two drops or you may prefer to use four) and then mix that with water to apply onto your face or you can just massage a few drops onto your face once you hop out the shower with a damp face.

And to answer the question which was first in my head upon hearing of this product. Does it mess with my makeup? NO. It does not coagulate or separate as you might suspect. It legitimately sinks lightly into your skin and leaves no layer or excess oil. And nothing to mess with your foundation!





In all honesty, if you could see what Hannah (Skin Creamery’s founder) looks like, you too will be running to buy these products. Her fabulously young looking skin is a true testament to the brand!

And then lastly, one of the things that gets people uber duber excited about this brand, their fantastic “Beauty Without Cruelty” motto. From the earth-loving recyclable packaging to the vegan properties, they are 100% cruelty free and you can read all of this on their gorgeous packaging below.




And what do you think of the sound of this brand? Do you have your eye on either of the products?

Rayne XX

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