I cannot tell you how excited I was to get my hands on these two palettes! I have had my eye on both the Insta-Sculpt and Sunlit Dream quad palettes from Revlon for AGES. And they have finally launched here in South Africa!

The reason being? Obviously Revlon is an extremely well known brand in South Africa. They are deemed a “drugstore” brand, thus making the products readily accessible and relatively affordable. But we still do not receive every single release here in SA.

For years I have been seeing the gorgeous quad releases from Revlon. A personal favourite of mine was the Chloe Morello Sculpt & Highlight Contour Kit. I just knew we would never get this in SA but lo and behold, this year Revlon brought us three stunning palettes.

Two of my favourite palette “types” are highlighter palettes and contour palettes. And that is exactly what Revlon has released here! The highlighter options are: Revlon PhotoReady Highlighting Palettes in Sunlit Dream and Galaxy Dream (R285 ea). The contour palette is the Revlon PhotoReady Insta- Sculpt Contouring Palette (also R 285).

Sunlit Dream
The packaging is a bit scuffed but I could not hold myself back from using the palettes before taking pictures!

Both the palettes weigh in at 14.4g, thus making them nice and weighty. No one wants a flimsy, cheapy feeling palette. The entire portion of the top half of the inside lid is a mirror. Another HUGE bonus for me. None of this half mirror nonsense that we tend to see with more affordable palettes.

I easily get a full day’s wear out of both palettes. I religiously using setting spray and primer every single day but the palettes seem longwearing anyway. There is no noticeable fading or diminishing of the shades by the end of the day.

Sunlit Dream


Sunlit Dream Highlighting Palette

When Gwen Stefani features a make-up item on her Instagram, you know it’s gotta be good!

The two options in the highlighting palettes are worlds apart. You get the colourful pastel shades in the Galaxy Dream Palette. Or the luminescent and dewy payoff of the Sunlit Dream Highlighting Palette.

All four shades are shimmery and just gorgeous. I have a very sallow skintone with a yellow undertone so, while I just adore highlighters, it can be tricky to find the perfect shade. The bottom right hand shade is the only shade in this palette that I cannot use. It is soooo drop dead gorge and buttery and bronzey, but it is just too dark for my pale ass skintone.

Whilst the Sunlit Dream shades are not incredibly overwhelming (reach for the Galaxy Dream palette for more unique shades!), you can enhance them by spritzing some fixing/setting spray onto your brush prior to application.

Insta-Sculpt Contouring Palette

Available in two shades; I opted for the lighter of the two. The blusher and highlighter are exquisite on my skin tone but I found the contour shades worked nicely if I used a heavier hand than usual. This was my error in picking the lighter palette, however I am still easily able to make the contour and bronzer shades work. I hate to liken a product to another product but this is very similar to The Body Shop Contour Kit. I LOVE TBS Contour Kit so this is a huge compliment. The tones, consistency and payoff are very similar.

All four of the shades are matte. Another HUGE bonus for me! It is so very rare to find a contour kit where all four shades are matte. Usually brands will make the highlighter or blusher a shimmer or a satin finish. These four shades are all pure matte and GORGEOUS. The blusher itself is stunning, being a lovely muted peach shade.

The palette is also infused with “Blend-FX™ technology” to blur imperfections of the skin. I cannot exactly speak to this but I can say the shades don’t accentuate any texture on my skin.

Sunlit Dream

I would recommend these palettes, definitely. At R285 they are an extremely affordable option. The total price puts the individual shades at around R72 each for a 3.6g highlighter.

What do you think of these? Have you tried any of the three options? Let me know if you’ll be popping one of these onto your Christmas list this year!

Rayne XX