Every Summer I contemplate releasing a “Summer Favourites” post. You know.. setting sprays, foundation that won’t melt off, bronzers to start you off looking tanned before you’ve had a chance to really tan. But somehow I never get around to these posts.

I think the reason I never get around to writing them up is because I am at a stage in my life when I care more about what my skin NEEDS than WANTS. So today I am finally writing this post and it is going to feature the items I 110% cannot live without come Summertime. And quite a few of them I cannot be without during the other three seasons, too. These are not items that I am featuring because they were sent as Summer launches from PR. These are the items I would recommend to ANYONE.

EDIT: This post is, coincidentally, going live on the day my office closes for our annual Summer holiday! So with that in mind, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not forget to lather up the sunblock and wear hats ALL HOLIDAY!

First and foremost – you guessed it – sunscreen. R609 and R250

This past weekend myself and some friends were away for a wedding in the winelands (you know, those parts of the world that heat up to 38 degrees before 11AM), and while sitting around the breakfast table I reminded my friends to “lather on their sunscreen”. One of my best friends replied to me that hell no, she was making the most of every degree and would not be touching the sunscreen. I literally could not speak for a good few seconds before reminding her that the sun equals wrinkles.

It completely baffles me that there are women (people?) out there who see the sun as only a means to get a tan. Your skin will age prematurely. You will develop sunspots. You will become a high risk for skin cancer. PUT SUNBLOCK ON EVERY SINGLE DAY. Sunblock is not just for the beach! And if you are going to the beach too, then you should take a parasol! You could visit https://seasideplanet.com/best-beach-umbrella/ for a good beach umbrella if you don’t already have one!

Now that I am done ranting. These are my favourites picks for a few reasons; each of these can be layered with a simple or a complicated skincare routine. If you’re looking to add some brand new products of your own to your must-have list, why not check out Reviewing This for some top quality reviews? You can see how products like La Mer Concentrate rank in terms of quality. Your sunscreen ALWAYS goes on as the final step in any skincare regime. These are also not sticky nor do they leave any residue or white cast on the face.

The Babor SPF 15 Sun Spray Lotion (R609). I will not go too much into this as a have a blog post here. Plus, as mentioned above, both these options are included because they provide brilliant protection while being the perfect sunscreens to layer on top of a full-on skincare routine.

Then the Eucerin Sun Gel-Creme Oil Control SPF 50 (R250) is my NUMBER ONE sunscreen of all time. For the exact same reasons as above. But literally, it is ALL I used earlier this year when I was in Mauritius. I just freaking LOVE this stuff.


This is not the standard size. These are smaller tubes that the PR sent out but they are absolutely perfect to pop into your handbag!

Heliocare SPF 50+ Color Light Cream Gel – R350

As recommended by one of my favourite beauty/skincare bloggers, Tori from Kiss, Blush and Tell.

There are so many positives about this product and not one negative. It smells lovely, it gives you a fabulously dewy coverage without being “foundation looking”; AKA perfect for a beach day. And above all, the coverage is 50+ which is so SO important. The price point is R350 which is roughly what I would spend on a foundation, so I find this to be comparable and I am happy to hand my cash over.

This product also contains the fabulous FernBlock which is almost unique to Heliocare and protects the skin against pollutants and free-radicals, as well as helps prevent pigmentation.


Heliocare Ultra Oral Supplements

Possibly my favourite item of this entire blog post. These capsules contain FernBlock (as mentioned above), Vitamin C and Vitamin E. You simply pop one in the morning (still, do not forget the sunblock, though!) and it works as an “internal sunblock”.

As you can see, I am already down one tub! And WTF was I doing with this lemon in these images? I have no idea.


Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – R460

This is possibly the most iconic product from this already iconic brand and for a good reason! NOTHING will keep your face in place the way All Nighter will. When I attended the above-mentioned wedding, I used this on my and my friends’ faces are our make-up stayed picture perfect well into the early hours of the morning!

I have severely dehydrated and dry skin in random areas all over my face. PLUS I am pretty sure my cheeks have combination skin… yet this works a treat. If you search for reviews on this setting spray you will see that everyone from oily skinned, to dry, to combo skin raves about it. I really cannot speak highly enough of it!

This image does not have the same dreaded background as the other images. (Probably a good thing!). I totally forgot to take a picture!

Elizabeth Arden’s PREVAGE® City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Hydrating Shield – R799

Okay so I just said that I think the oral capsules are my favourite product on this list buuut I think this PREVAGE City Smart Broad Spectrum Hydrating Shield nabs that spot. Essentially this “shield” is a skincare defense-come-sunscreen. However I have not grouped it with the above mentioned sunscreens as it is in a league of it’s own.

I am obsessed, OBSESSED, with everything in the PREVAGE line from Elizabeth Arden. This entire year (and last year, actually) I have been raving about products from the line and this is my latest favourite. Enriched with a DNA Enzyme Complex (MY FAVE!), antioxidants and anti-pollutants, this is sure to be your new best friend when it comes to defending your skin against the sun’s harmful rays.

It is designed to produce a whole range of benefits (which you can read about here) but most of all I can notice that my face FEELS protected and LOOKS better. I also have to throw it in here that I am still absolutely besotted with the PREVAGE Anti Aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser.


Avène Thermal Spring Water – R150

Oh, how I love Avène. I mean I LOVE Avène. This French brand has really blown up over the last year or so and they really do stock an impeccable line of skincare at extremely affordable prices. This is yet another product which I have chatted about before (you can find my thoughts here) and that I will continue to make use of throughout the year. But especially in the warmer Cape Town months.

To repeat the sentiments of March 2017 Rayne: “This spray has a light, soothing, refreshing and calming effect on tired and parched skin. One of these bottles is sold every two seconds world-wide and I am not surprised. It is amazing and so beneficial. The nozzle releases a light mist, not a great spurt of liquid. As a result, you can spray it over your make-up for a quick cool down. AND it will barely move your make-up application!

Hopefully I have been able to provide you with some Summertime beach-bag or handbag options? Let me know if there is anything incredible that I have yet to try out 😉

Rayne XX