Here we are with my second installment of Favourite Make-Up Removers! In my previous post I focused on my favourite make-up removers in balm form and today I am featuring oils and emulsions.

Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil from The Body Shop – R210 for a 210ml bottle

Sooooo…. this product is a hit and a miss for me. It is included for two reasons; one, because The Body Shop is my favourite brand of all time. And two; it removes facial makeup EXTREMELY well. However, I find that it burns if it gets into my eyes.

I swear, I am not exaggerating when I say it is damn near impossible to find a negative review on this. For the whole of 2017 it was a Must Have for every beauty lover! I was extremely taken aback when my eyes reacted badly to this. My skin is not hugely sensitive. I don’t have sensitive eyes either. I don’t even wear glasses! But Candace from In My Bag actually told me how people with our colour eyes (greeny hazel) apparently have a sensitivity to skincare products which cannot be fully pinpointed. Weird, huh?!

At the end of the day, this removes face makeup impeccably, I just don’t use it on my eyes. This means it is a bit more high maintenance as you’ll need to use it in conjunction with something else. I suggest (if you have anything but greeny hazel eyes) you give this a good try, because it is SO raved about!


Bitter Aloe Cleansing Emulsion from Aloe Finesse – R92 for a 75ml bottle

One of my most beloved items that I have discovered this year has got to be this golden goodie! I have never been big into my emulsions, or more so, I have never really used them. This was delivered as part of PR but I left it aside for ages before trying it out. And WOW, I am so impressed! The product itself is a very odd deep terracotta colour and it melts your makeup away with ease and no stinging at all.

Overall I am not the hugest fans of any remover that require you to rub your eyes (that being said, most require this action) as it encourages wrinkles to develop. This being said, I will gladly reach for this if my favourite make-up remover is not on hand. I also appreciate the pump bottle with the lock function.

The price point is amazing. Only R92 for 75ml! I found my one bottle lasted me about a month and a half.

One small negative is it leaves my skin ever so slightly tight. This is no huge biggie as I always apply an immensely nourishing and hydrating moisturiser after cleansing, but it is something to note.


Overall I prefer to opt for a make-up remover in balm form. However, depending on your skin type, an oil or an emulsion may work so much better for you.Namely, an emulsion should work beautifully if you have oily skin. But skincare is always so personal, so you would need to play around. Such fun…. 😉

In the third and final installment of this series I will be chatting about my favourite Micellar Water options. Micellar Waters used to be my favourite way or removing makeup up until I discovered the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Balm, it’s amazing how a favourite can very quickly fall to the bottom of your must-have list!

Are either of these your favourites? Do you have any other oils or emulsions favourites that I should try out?

Rayne XX