The Body shop is a brand which has been featured on Make It Rayne countless times. They are my go-to brand for face masks and facial toners but lately I have been slowly featuring more make-up related items from them. I previously featured make-up brushes, matte lipsticks and eyeshadows. But it gets better!


I decided that – to celebrate Spring – I would create an entire face look using only The Body Shop products. Most of their products are vegetarian and a huge portion are vegan, which is just another amazing tick for the brand.

So first up I always complete my morning facial skincare routine. This is a little more complicated on days when I have a special event on, or days where I don’t have work and I have more time on my hands. But that is a – super long – post for another day! Either way, I always end on my Drops of Youth Fresh Emulsion (R220). This provides a freshly primed and hydrated base for your make-up.

The Body Shop


The first make-up product I go for is the Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation (R150) and I am in the shade Tamerza Dune 026. I totally thought this was going to be a thick full coverage foundation. The word “clay” just has me imagining the consistency to be, well, like clay. However, you get the most gorgeous dewy look from it. The coverage is more of a light to medium coverage, yet it is buildable. I can get an entire face out of it with about half a squeeze. I would recommend this to anyone who prefers a foundation that feels really lightweight on the skin.

It is formulated to be suitable to all skin types. It also contains oil absorbing properties, however I have dehydrated skin and it gave me a more glowy, luminous look. So it seems like it really does deliver on it’s promise of suiting all skin types!


The Body Shop

Body Shop
Wearing the Clay Foundation with no primer or powder.


Next up I apply the teeeeensiest bit of the Honey Bronze Drops of Sun (R280) directly onto my skin with the dropper. So because I am still living that countour life, I apply it directly to my face and I buff it in with the Body Shop Buffing Brush (R185) (I wrote a super ravey post about it here). Another incredible option would be to mix some in with your foundy for a luminous and “healthy” overall effect.

The Body Shop


I then take the bronzer and blusher from the Honey Bronze range (R200 each and there is a third much darker shade available). This blusher is one of the most gorgeous shades in my entire collection. It contains the perfect amount of sheeny highlighter while still being a “flushed” shade. The highlighter could be a bit more popping in my opinion but, because it is a cream product, it is very easy to layer and build up to a more vibrant highlight. The Body Shop is geared much more towards natural, toned down make-up pieces, but most of the products are easily layer-able for the girl who wants more of a statement look. 

I like to use the Pointed Highlighter Brush (R185) to buff the highlighter and bronzer into my skin. The brush is made up of soft bristles, but the compact-ness of the bristles leave them feeling quite dense and therefore able to push the product deeper into the skin for a more effective colour.


The Body Shop


One of my favourite The Body Shop products of all time is their Brow & Liner Kit (R145) in Dark Brown. I actually featured this is a favourites post a year ago, which you can read here. I then go in with my favourite neutral eyeshadow shades. The Body Shop has over 30 incredible eyeshadows to choose from and you can then go ahead and make your own interchangeable palettes with them. For a really nude eye I would suggest the shades Africa and Sahara. I don’t own any of their mascaras but I have heard both the Lash Hero and the Super Volume mascaras hugely raved about!

Then, my favourite part of Spring make-up! The lips! I love, love, LOVE a bright and popping lip for Spring. I have featured three different lip options here, for different looks and effects.

For a really sophisticated and toned down look, the Honolulu Pink lipstick (R150) from their matte range is a great option. The colour lasts around four hours and, as far as mattes go, it is a FANTASTIC formula. The effect is most definitely matte, but it is not drying on your lips.

For a night-time (or a really brave daytime) look, the Havana Red lippy from the same matte range is a great choice. The colour has a light morange undertone which I absolutely love. If you have hazel eyes, this is the kind of shade that really makes your eyes pop green!

Body Shop


The third colour is definitely my favourite. It is the Bright Peony Lip & Cheek Stain (R150) and I am obsessed with this shade! The payoffis an eye-poppingly bright fuchsia with a very light consistency. I am not big on liquid products as blusher but this can be used as a blusher too. It stains down on your lips into a very natural shade as the day wears on and I expect it does the same on the cheeks.


From top to bottom: Bright Peony, Havana Red, Honalulu Pink. Only one swipe of each.
Wearing Honolulu pink three hours later! The lasting power is great. Murphy’s Law my camera broke and all my other images are on my camera and this is from my crappy phone.


And the final product, a hugely loved cult favourite from The Body Shop; the Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil (R295). Because we have just entered Spring, I am soooo not showing off my arms and legs just yet, but in Summer you better know I am slathering this on myself as much as I can! Okay, do you don’t need to slather it, a little goes a long way. But I absolutely adore it. I especially love it on my legs and on my collarbone area. I have already started drowning my collarbone in it as the weather is slightly warmer these days. Spring can come at me in full force! Although I don’t know how long his bottle will last in my home, both my mom and sister have bought this product before and love it!

Body Shop


I really hope you guys enjoyed my little get ready with me using all The Body Shop products. I am soooo thrilled that I have finally branched out into using more of their make-up. Their skincare will always be my go-to brand of choice but now they get a major double thumbs up on the make-up side too!


Rayne XX