Have you seen the new Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil and the new packaging in Clicks stores?

It is now being packaged and boxed instead of just packaged in a clear bag. Read on to see why I love and hate this change..


cleansing body oil (2)


I have raved about the original Lipidol packaging time and time again, I loved the easy no-nonsense effect that the clear packaging had. No frills or useless extras!

This new packaging now consists of the product having the ingredient list printed onto the bottle. Then the name and size is embedded onto the bottle. The product is then packaged in the same clear packet as before – but now the packet has the ingredient list and name of product listed on the packaging. Before, the package was clear of any text and I always wondered if this would change and be added onto the packaging as people are super pedantic about ingredient lists these days!
The product is then put into a box which has the exact size and outline of the inside product on the outside of the box.

However, it is a step backwards in terms of being environmentally friendly and conscience of the impact we as consumers have on the Earth. Hmm.

Overall I LOVE the effect of the new packaging; the white boxes are super sleek, it makes the store display much easier to stack and it looks more presentable overall. The added ingredient lists are obviously an added bonus and I know people are going to appreciate it.


cleansing body oil

cleansing body oil


Moving onto another newbie in the Lipidol family, the Cleansing Body Oil. I have touched on the benefits of using oils on your face and body in all my previous Lipidol posts. Out of all of these, using a Cleansing Body Oil on your body is by far the most beneficial. Lipidol has an awesome short film documenting the benefits of the oil. (Sad face as it is super awesome to watch).
Now, shorten an eight minute video into an easy to read paragraph. Basically, your skin gets its moisture from within and it is held intact by your skin’s natural oily layer. This layer is then damaged and thinned out by body soaps and cleansers. And, most frequently, hot shower and bath water. Washing your skin with water does not give your skin moisture at all. All we can do is retain what moisture we do have. And, by adding oil onto our skin, we are supplementing that natural oily layer which will hold our moisture.

A notion that stood out for me in the Lipidol video would be that we generally base our skincare choices on a “problem-solution”. We are allowing ourselves to damage our skin and then we try and fix it later. Instead, we should be taking care of it and nourishing it with every single product that we use.

The products in the range are coloured with natural plant extracts and they get their fragrance from added essential oils. I liked the scent of the previous blogged about products. However, I’m not the greatest fan of the scent of the Cleansing Body Oil. HOWEVER, after watching the video, this means nothing to me as I am literally taking the vow to use oil products on my body on a daily basis now!


cleansing body oil

cleansing body oil


The products themselves really do a great job at removing dirt, sebum and make-up from the skin. The Cleansing Face Oil does not sting your eyes. And the body and face oil both leave your skin feeling firm yet soft and supple.

You can see my other reviews on the Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil, SPF20 Sunscreen Oil and Overnight Facial Oil here.

You can find the Cleansing Face Oil and Cleansing Body Oil available from selected Clicks stores nationwide. They retail at R79.95 each.


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