Hi guys! So I have seen this oil brand in Clicks and I have seen it advertised in a few magazines but there is always barely any info and I am yet to see a blogger mention this brand. Weird, right?


So I did my good deed as a shopper and purchased one (also seen in my Holiday Haul https://makeitraynex.com/2015/01/holiday-haul/). I bought the Overnight Facial Oil. I love the idea that I can be sleeping yet taking care of my skin for a few hours. Win-Win situation for everyone.


I was not too sure on how to document my experience so I thought I would just check in every few hours and explain what was going on. So here goes!

10 minutes after applying: I have just applied the oil exactly as specified; all over my face, but avoiding the eye area. I have already cleansed, toned and moisturised my face. It is immensely oily and kind of making my face itch. I am not so sure I like this feeling but I think I may have applied too many drops.


20 minutes after applying: I have wiped off a bit of the oil and the oily and itchy feeling has reduced a lot, THANKFULLY, as it was getting pretty bad. Fingers crossed my face is nourished and glorious looking tomorrow morning.


12.57pm: My face has definitely soaked up most of the oil yet there is a thin layer left and I can’t stop touching it and getting oil onto my keyboard. Meh.


9AM: SUCCESS! My face honestly feels incredibly soft, supple and healthy looking! Woweee, seriously impressed with this one after all that drama last night. I am going to apply it again tonight but much less, as the amount I originally applied was obviously too much.


11.44PM: I have just taken my make-up off and applied about four drops to my face. I also decided to put some on my boyfriend as I am curious to see if it reacts differently on guys and it does not say on the packaging or bottle does it state whether it is specifically for girls or guys.


9.20AM THE NEXT MORNING:  My face feels just as healthy and soft as last night. Clearly the secret to this success is the small amount of oil. A little goes a long way and all that. Very impressed even though I don’t love the thought of oil on my face, and I give this product a 8/10!


PS: Boyfriend said the product “was nice”. Okay.





Have a beautiful day,