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This has been a difficult post to write because I wanted to come out out if it with a “And the best dry shampoo is…” but all three of these work amazingly well for similar AND different reasons. Yet they all have a few down falls too :/

Charles Worthington Salon At Home Style Setter Dry Shampoo 

– Absorbs oil amazingly well and you can go a good three (and sometimes four) days without washing your hair.

– Gives your hair fab volume and bounce. And even a little shine – and not in an oily way.

– This brand definitely has the most lightweight consistency of all three.

– The only dry shampoo which left a visible residue even after trying to brush the residue out.




Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush (also in Original, Refresh, Cherry, XXL & Wild)

– Gorgeous smell and it leaves your hair feeling really soft, even if it was previously quite coarse from being unwashed.

– Definitely a firm guru favourite in the beauty world.

– One bottle honestly lasts you half a year.

– They have an ever-increasing range so that there is something to suit everyone’s needs.

– The XXL bottle left my hair feeling hard and sticky, almost as if I had just used hairspray on it :/ However, my friend used the same bottle and she swears by the XXL for adding volume to your hair, so its all down to personal preference. I would definitely recommend that you only use the XXL type on up-do hairstyles.




John Frieda Luxurious Volume Volume Refresh Dry Shampoo

– The residue is ultra fine, therefore leaving to trace of the residue at all.

– All three brands give great body and volume, but this one definitely takes the cake. Bouncy hair for DAYS!

– This is the only dry shampoo out of the three that I would be happy with spraying on my roots. All three can be sprayed on them but the other two leave a bit of an oily feel behind while this one does not at all.

– The smell is a bit like a gassy deodorant, not as fresh smelling as you would imagine a ‘Hair Refresher’ to be.



So there you have it! I love and dont love all three of these brands for different reasons. Price wise, the Batiste is a teeeeny bit better priced, and all three can be bought at Clicks stores.

Have you used any of these? And what did you think of them?

Rayne XX