Todays post is going to be all about brush care and how I clean my brushes. First off, I’m just gonna be honest here, I know you are meant to clean them after EVERY use but I have no time for that kind of maintenance in my life. I’d rather just scrub my face extra hard during my night time routine.



You will need:

1 x Sink or bowl of warm water

Baby shampoo (apparently Dove handwash works amazingly well too)

All of your brushes

Some towels or face cloths


First off,  fill your sink/bowl with warm water and dip the brushes in. Squeeze some cleaner into your hand then swoosh a brush around in your palm until you see the liquid changing colour. Dip the brush back into the water and squeeze all the water out – the colour of the water should be pretty murky by now, but you need to repeat this step a few times until your brush is completely clean again.



This can take a pretty long time if you are cleaning your entire brush collection in one go! Once the brushes are clean you need to reshape them with your fingers and lay them down on a clean towel to dry. Its always best to leave them in the late afternoon sun as they dry up pretty quickly. DO NOT  blow dry your brushes unless you have quadruple checked that they are not synthetic! The heat can also melt the adhesive in the handles. Almost every brush will contain adhesive somewhere so, once again, maybe don’t risk it.



The last thing to do is rinse and clean out your sink as it is probably pretty gross right now. You also may need to rinse out and refill your sink after every few brushes. I usually clean 4 or 5 and then refill with clean water.

Good luck! If you have another way of cleaning your brushes, please post the link below!

PS: I use Clicks baby shampoo on all my brushes – from Beautique to M.A.C to Sigma – and it works very nicely. Clicks is currently running a Buy-3-Pay-For-2 offer on their miniature products so (if I am not mistaken) it costs about R30 for three bottles right now. GO GO GO!

Rayne XX