J.One Jelly Cleanser {SKINCARE}

J.One Jelly Cleanser {SKINCARE}

I am super late on the K-Beauty skincare trend bandwagon, but I assure you, I am on it with full force! You can expect to see a hefty amount of K-Beauty product reviews over the next while, starting off today with the J.One Jelly Cleanser.

There are a few recognizable names as far as K-Beauty goes, and J.One is definitely at the front of the pack!  J.One was the creation of award-winning actress and Korean influencer Ha Ji-Won. Created to streamline the multi-step Korean skin care ritual, J.One is an innovative range of multi-tasking marvels.

I decided to purchase only a few items from K-Beauty brands. Just to get a feel of the products before I splurged on an entire skincare regime. Starting with this J.One Jelly Cleanser (R180). Spoiler alert: I love it.

J.One Jelly Cleanser

Generally I like to do a bit of research on skincare products while trying them out. That way I can mention how it would react with different skin types when I write up my review. However, I could barely find info on the J.One Jelly Cleanser! There is PLENTY of information out there on the J.One Jelly Pack, seemingly the more famous sister of the cleanser 😉

I went into the testing of this cleanser completely blind. I have severely dehydrated skin and I had no idea if this was suited to my skin type or not as the product info on the packaging is in Korean. Obviously.

Described as: “A deep cleansing gel cleanser that will melt makeup and impurities away instantly without stripping the skin”. Tick. Tick. Another tick. It does indeed do all of that.
Even though I have never been a fan of this type of formula before, gel cleansers are best for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin types. And I can honestly say that there is absolutely no dryness, tightness, irritable skin, nothing of that sort that one sometimes feels after using a cleanser.

The ingredient list is fab, hence the product being fab; it is infused with royal honey, royal jelly extracts and propolis, which all work to soothe and brighten the skin while deep cleansing. And if you’re like me, and not a fan of the scent of honey, then don’t worry. The smell is not overwhelming and does not stay on the skin after washing away.

The honey and royal jelly both work as anti-inflammatories which help to calm the skin, making it absolutely gorgeous on sensitive skin. It really is incredibly soothing after a long day.

The J.One Jelly Cleanser can be used as a first or second cleanse and I am quite happy using it as my first cleanse. It almost completely rids every remnant of make-up from the skin. I usually have to go in with a teeeensy bit extra on my eyes, but overall it does a great job at removing make-up. AND the gel does not sting your eyes at all.

Overall I was extremely happy with my first K-Beauty purchase! I would certainly rate it against some of my higher pricetag cleanser.

I have made a few more purchases in the meantime, so keep an eye out for future posts. My preferred K-Beauty online stores are Glow Theory and Dewyface (both linked if you click on their names). At the time of writing this post, the J.One Jelly Cleanser is only available from Shop Glow Theory.

Let me know below if you have any K-Beauty recommendations. I would love to try out some more products!

Rayne XX

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  1. Simone Cameron at 8:49 AM

    Do you think this would be fine for oily skin as well? I have such FOMO about this cleanser and even the Jelly Pack! Sounds really good!