LUSH – Pop In The Bath {REVIEW}

Everybody loves a LUSH bath product, right? YES MA’AM! They have very quickly become the most coveted bath products (Bath Ballistics and Bubble Bars) around, and I am yet to see a ‘Girls Night In’ blog post that doesn’t feature a LUSH bomb or bar as its main attraction.

There is a HUGE array to choose from; different smells, different colours, bubble bars, massage bars, aromatherapy bombs, bombs for your kids to play with, glitter bombs, multi coloured bombs, themed bombs (such as Christmas and Valentines Day themed), basically there is something for everyone. Yes, boys, even for you lot.

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This review will be on one of my favourites; The Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar

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This has been around for quite a while – at least since LUSH came to Cape Town two years ago – and they now have it in four different colours; pink, blue, green and white.

It’s a very simple bar to use. Fill your bath half up (or half empty, but lets not be a pessimist), then you crumble the bar under the running water, swoosh it around a bit and there you go. Easy peasy. The bar is also generous enough that you can split it into two and use it twice, but the entire bar makes for a luxurious amount of bubbles.




Each colour of the Pop In The Bath smells the same, and what an amazing smell at that! The minute the bubbles start to develop you are hit with an almost overwhelming smell of citrus oils which, after looking it up, are bergamot, lemon and mandarin. The main thing which stands out for me is the hydration and nourishment that this gives your skin! You can dip your hand in and literally feel the hydration sinking in.




The LUSH website describes it to be “uplifting, refreshing and cleansing”, and this is not a case of false advertising. You don’t want to get out the bath and thankfully the bubbles are long lasting so you can happily wallow in the pretty pink water for a good half an hour before you are wrinkled enough that you should pop OUT the bath!





The Pop In The Bath retails for R42.00 and can be bought online here:


LUSH Facebook page:
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For an AWESOME storage idea for your bubble bar’s, click on this post by Daisy from daisydaisyxxo:

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  1. Ellen at 8:47 AM

    I was in lush yesterday and I was so tempted to buy one of these but I don’t know they just didn’t have the wow factor like some of the other products. I was impressed by the valentines day collection but not so much by the Mother’s Day 🙂


    • makeitrayne at 6:18 PM

      I definitely prefer the Ballastics! They are much more appealing to the eye but in terms of Bubble Bars the Pop In The Bath is one of the best! And the Valentines collection was one of my all time faves 🙂

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