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Todays review is going to be on the Kardashian Beauty range.

Say what you want about them; “They’re an embarrassment to their kids”, “They’re famous for being naked” and of course, “They have no talent”. They have had every negative thing said about them, but I still enjoy them. I love all their TV shows; they’re absolutely hysterical and they really do have some modelling/acting/designing talent amongst them.

ANYWAY, that being said, I have never tried their make-up lines before. At around R250 per item it really is pricey and I’d rather spend that money on a brand which I already know and love. But last week myself and my friend Gabby (@grasptheglamour/link blog) went to Canal Walk and the Stuttafords was having a 75% sale off on the Kardashian Beauty range. Stuttafords did confirm that they are discontinuing the range after being in store for eighteen months (OUCH).





I was pretty excited to finally try the make-up out , but seeing as they are discontinuing I may have to stop by Canal Walk and stock up Apocalypse style with any products that I fall in love with.

They had tons of products from single eyeshadows, lashes, lip sticks, lip glosses, bronzers, their ever famous K24 Prime Golden Makeup Primer Gelee  and more.

The items I bought were Double Take Lipstick/Lipgloss in Boldface, En-Joystick Lip Lacquer in Sea Coal, Gleam Club eyemetal stick in 140 Emboss and Light Stroke Double Sided Luminizer in 355 Illusion.

And into the reviews we go!

Double Take Lipstick/Lipgloss in Boldface: I am not usually a huge fan of these double ended lip products. Usually companies are over compensating for a pretty crap product and they need to throw an extra product on top.


I decided on this product because the colour is AMAAAZING. The lipstick applies creamily, with a semi-matte finish. It’s the kind of lipstick colour and finish that I gravitate towards. The lipgloss end is a lipgloss, enough said. It does, however, contain the infamous honey and beeswax ingredients that are added into most of their products and it is super off putting. This could just be a personal preference but Gabby didn’t like it either. All in all the lipstick and gloss look lovely together and the gloss makes the lipstick more sheeny – if you can stand the smell, of course!

Lipstick without the lipgloss


Original price: R231


En-Joystick Lip Lacquer in Sea Coal: The description of this product says: “…goes on like a velvety cream and lasts through…” This is spot on and I LOVE THIS. When I think of lip lacquers I immediately think of the gorgeous shiny lacquers from Revlon but this product is not shiny or slippery at all. It is creamy, thick and rich, but not in a bad way. The colour is perfect for our current Summery weather and I will be wearing this frequently. This may be the product that I traipse all the way back to Canal Walk for..


Without flash




Original price: R231 (they all seem to cost the same, okay)


Gleam Club eyemetal stick in 140 Emboss: If memory serves me, they had this product in about forty different colours but I went for the gold because I am obsessed with golds and currently on the search for the perfect metallic gold eyeshadow. There is not a lot of this product, only about 5CM when fully wound up, but the pigmentation is great. I had it on for about three hours (without eyelid primer) before it started fading. Its thick and easy to blend, but the stick itself is quite flimsy so be gentle when applying.





Original price: R205

Light Stroke Double Sided Luminizer in 355 Illusion: They had this luminizer in both bronze and white-silver. I went with white-silver thinking it would suit my skin tone best but it is really VERY brightening. I think its suited more for someone with Kardashian-like-Armenian darker toned skin, while I am fair and I should have taken the bronze. It obviously works very well for what it is supposed to do, its just not suited for me.




Original price: R290


My overall review is that I like these products a lot and I would repurchase all of them IF their prices were lower. I definitely think I need to make a pitstop at Stuttafords again and stock up though. At the prices they are currently going for, they are an absolute STEAL!







Have you tried anything from the Kardashian Beauty range? If so, let me know what you thought!