Express Smile Atlanta – Home in One Teeth Whitening Kit {REVIEW}

Express Smile Atlanta – Home in One Teeth Whitening Kit – Get your kit through Home-in-one Powered by Express Smile Atlanta




I was so stoked to review this Express Smile Atlanta Teeth Whitening Kit. I mean, the Kardashians use it after all. So it must be great, right?
Before even using the kit you can admire the sleek medicinal inspired packaging, user friendly instructions and, most of all, versatility. There are two separate ways to use the kit;

  1. Teeth Whitening Pen – You apply a thin layer of the gel onto your teeth and insert the mouthpiece over it.
  2. Teeth Whitening Syringe – Apply the gel inside the upper and bottom trays, insert into mouth and insert the mouthpiece over the trays.


I preferred option 1 as my teeth felt quite claustrophobic with the trays and mouthpiece in my mouth simultaneously.
The mouthpiece sits snugly in your mouth and you can gently keep it in place with just your lips. You need to be careful as to not get any of the gel on your gums or inside your mouth, for this reason I used a small make-up brush to apply the gel onto my teeth instead of my fingers and I found it applied WAY easier. The gel has a pleasant taste to it though (if you do accidentally get some on your mouth). There is added xylitol in the ingredients so I would assume that the xylitol is what the sweet taste is.




The LED mouthpiece does not feel weird in your mouth nor does it burn but I did find the inside of my mouth went slightly wrinkly after a while – like when you are in water for too long. I clearly have way too much spit going on!

Anyway, after the first two goes I did not see an immediate difference but after the third use I was BLOWN away! Literally. I immediately jumped onto Snapchat and updated my story and a few people responded and said that they found the same result so this seems to be the norm.
I really was so impressed with that. You could clearly see further into my mouth that I had missed the back teeth and they were significantly more discoloured. It was a blatant colour change.
The box comes with a teeth colour chart which enables you to easily track your teeth whitening experience. After the third usage, my teeth had moved three shades lighter. Amazing!!





The aspect I was most hesitant about was if there would be any pain or sensitivity involved. There are so many stories of LED lights leaving teeth feeling oh-so-sensitive afterwards. I have three friends who have used the exact same kit as mine and only one has reported on slightly sensitive teeth afterwards and that did not last long either – it seems that the Express Smile Home in One kit is the only teeth whitening kit that does not cause any teeth issues afterwards!




Overall I am truly impressed with this luxury kit. It did not turn out to be a gimmick at all, as so many of these products tend to be. Now, if only I could wrestle it back from my obsessed boyfriend..


** Get your kit through Home-in-one Powered by Express Smile Atlanta for only R595. Pay with WeChat Wallet and get R200 back! – facebook/homeinonesa
If you have any queries, please email myself or


Rayne XX



CATRICE October Range Update {REVIEW}

Yes, I know it is already December and these products were released two months ago! But if you read my blog you know what has been going down in my life lately. Hecticness.

Anyway, every few month the Cosmetix brands release new capsule items to the ranges. We have seen some incredible products leave but each and every new range has even better products than before. And the CATRICE October range is no exception.
This new range contains a huge array of amazing new products, so I am going to chat about my absolute faves in this post.
Prêt-à-Volume Smokey Mascara Velvet Black – The past range of CATRICE had a great mascara so I am really happy to note that the mascara in the CATRICE October update is just as nice. You have to wear it for, like, 20 hours before it starts to smudge and there is no flaking at all. The thick cone shaped brush gives off a slightly smudged effect (if you want it to) which allows you to create a subtle smokey look underneath your eyes. Available at R79,95. 



Deluxe Glow Highlighter – This trio palette had girls on the internet going wild. Three shades in colours of rose, bronze and champagne to give your skin a Summery, highlightery and healthy shimmer. The palette itself is infused with fine shimmer particles that reflect light for theee ultimate glow. I would recommend you reapply this once during the day if you are planning on wearing it for hours… but overall the quality is great and really long lasting as far as drugstore purchases go.



Eye & Brow Contouring Palette – This is my favourite product of the entire collection. The palette contains three brow shades and one shimmery highlight. Personally, I think that only two of the brow shades are usable for your eyebrows. No-one using this palette for it’s shade would be able to use the lightest shade for anything except highlighting their browbone or inner eye. So basically it is a four piece palette with two brow shades, a shimmery highlight and a matte highlight. Even more of a bonus in my opinion! The shades are so perfectly suited to my skintone that this is my current favourite brow set.

The shade is called 010, BUT FIRST, COLD CHOCOLATE! How freakin’ cute? There is a second palette is slightly darker and also cutely named as 020, BUT FIRST HOT COFFEE. I die for those names. And lastly, the packaging on this is AMAZING. So sturdy and tough, I love it. Available for R79,95. 



Prêt-à-Lumière Longlasting Eyeshadow – This is an annoying one for me but I have to post it anyway. There are 9 shades in this new stunning Lumiere range but the shade I have is a dark electric blue. I applied it a few times to test the wear and it really wears well. I won’t use this shade again but I will happily repurchase any of the other 8 shades. They apply well and really pack a punch, one swipe and it is non-patchy and highly pigmented. Also, the packaging of these is really unique to CATRICE and I kinda love it. Available at R69.95 



Velvet Matt Lip Cream – It would take one seriously horrible lip cream for me to not love it. Because I love ’em. And this one can totally hold it’s own. The shade I have is 050 Brooklyn Pink-Ster and it is a full on dupe for Australis Velourlips Matt Lip Cream in Mal-I-Boo, which is like R280 and not available here. These feel super rich and luxurious on your lips and only need to be touched up every few hours. The only downfall is that there are only four shades! I cannot wait to see the range when it gets more shades in. Available at R61,95



Ultimate Colour Lip Colour – One of my favourite things about this brand is that the ranges always have a huge selection of colours. And the CATRICE October range is keeping up. The Ultimate Colour range has 14 new colours with almost every colour under the sun. I have Cool Brown! but I really have my eye on Red Said Black and Legend’Berry as my next purchases. The effect is shiny and sleek and keeps your lips nice and hydrated – perfect for our upcoming Summer months. Available at R69.95 




And that is it for my faves from the CATRICE October range. Overall this really is my favourite update that CATRICE has ever released. I pretty much love each and every product… eeeek.

Rayne XX


Sorbet Empowering Women: Two Good to be True {PRESS RELEASE}

Sorbet Empowering Women: Two Good to be True



Sorbet Salons nationwide are raising awareness in their communities for South Africa’s less fortunate women with just one, million dollar question: “Are you willing to lend a hand for just two rand?”


In an effort to raise funds for Sorbet Empowering Women’s mission (SEW) of securing employment for 170 previously disadvantaged women by March 2018, Sorbet guests are now invited to support the upskilling journey by choosing to add just two rand to any Sorbet products or treatments.


The SEW social initiative, created in partnership with The Clothing Bank – a non-profit organisation focused on empowering unemployed mothers to social and financial independence – was established in 2014 with the aim to improve the earning potential and circumstances of previously disadvantaged women in South Africa. This birthed the SEW Academy for learners, providing aspiring individuals with the sponsored beauty skills-training and potential full-time employment they needed to become qualified nail technicians.


However, with the unpredictable economic status, SEW and social upliftment programmes alike have been faced with climbing costs, totaling the qualification fees per SEW learner at around R15 000. This means, in order to reach their employment goal of 170 women by 2018, SEW will need to raise an overall amount of R2.5 million to make the kind of big change Sorbet is committed to championing.


“But a big change doesn’t have to mean a big ask,” explains Jade Kirkel, Marketing Manager of Sorbet Group. “For just two rand at a time, we can all add to the journey of making a difference in someone’s life,” says Kirkel.


With the heart of Sorbet beating to the sound of its ethos of “giving that feeling”, says Sorbet CEO and founder, Ian Fuhr,“Small change can create big change – and there is no greater gift in life than giving someone the opportunity to fulfill their potential. This idea of giving that feeling to our guests and our communities is an unconditional Sorbet creed, and it is what sits at the soul of Sorbet,” ends Fuhr.


In addition to SEW/Relate beaded bracelets available for sale in stores, the option to make secure donations online via the Givengain website, as well as Sorbet’s numerous fundraising events for SEW, the recently launched Sorbet “Just for Two” initiative is yet another way loyal Sorbet guests can lend a helping hand; to make a fundamental change to the lives of women, their families, their communities and their futures.


You only have to read the SEW Storytellers columns to truly appreciate the value in the jingle jangle of your small change. For real-life stories, inspiration and tales from these women that have risen to the modules and that have earned their glory as qualified and employed SEW graduates, see more about SEW at


Guests can also make their contribution by purchasing Sorbet SEW bracelets in-store, as well as, the newly launched Sorbet Man Sew bracelet arriving this festive season. “These make for perfect gifts and stocking fillers, especially for those looking to give a gift that keeps on giving” adds Kirkel


Rayne XX



November Faves 2016! {FAVOURITES}

Guys, it is DECEMBER. DECEMBER. What. It is December. How?

Since we moved houses two months ago I have been rediscovering old loved products and finally getting around to trying out product samples that were sent over. I have been sorely neglecting trying out new products over the last while! So without any more rambling, here are my November Faves for 2016.


November Faves



Eucerin DermoCapillaire Urea Shampoo 

November Faves

Shewee. I have started typing this paragraph so many times but it keeps turning into a full on blog post. I am LOVING this shampoo for so many reasons and am already onto my second bottle since I got this in October, and it is totally my go to product. The active ingredients are 5% Urea, Lactate and Polidocanol. This is only R100 for a 250ml bottle which is an absolute STEAL! I won’t say any more though as this shampoo deserves it’s own blog post..

Eucerin AntiREDNESS Concealing Day Care 

November Faves

How clever is this? I mean really, why don’t all companies do this?
This is, in essence, a daytime moisturiser, but the green colour cancels out most redness of your face caused from blemishes and even mild forms of rosacea. I significantly noticed a difference to my make-up application when I used this. And even better, the moisture boost added a really dewy look to the overall look of my foundation.

CATRICE Deluxe Glow Highlighter 

November Faves

One of the most anticipated products from the latest CATRICE capsule range. This three piece trio is all you need for a gorgeous and subtle Summer shimmer. The shades are in champagne, rose and bronze which are each infused with fine shimmer particles that reflect in the sunlight. Helloooo, vampire season. Also, this baby is R79,95 – where else can you get a proper good quality trio palette for that amount of money!

Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara 

November Faves

I have reviewed this mascara over on Becoming You and I seriously could not stop raving about it. It is a perfect 10 in my book. From the great quality mirror on the tube (I never ever thought I would be one to use mirrors that come with the packaging), the wand is incredible and the final result is one of super long and volumised lashes. Better yet, the mascara lasts really well and does not flake off at the end of a long day.

If it wasn’t for the hold L’Oreal Telescopic has on me, this may very well be my favourite drugstore mascara.

Healthing Earth Marula & Neroli Body Balm 

November Faves

I have such a small tub of this amazing stuff that it is killing me to use it but I just cannot stop. The Healing Earth balms contain some powerful indigenous ingredients and crazy delicious aromatherapy oils which ensures the skin retains a high level of moisture and a youthful and healthy glow. I tend to stay away from any kind of balm because the stickiness bugs me but this one just melts into your skin and leaves the most divine scent. The range contains a few different options but the Marula & Neroli balm is the relaxing one – BEYOND NEEDED. Trust me, give this a try.

NIVEA 3-in-1 Gentle Cleansing Wipes 

November Faves

Since discovering the miracle of Micellar Water, I have pretty much stopped using face wipes altogether. I recently started using them again and I felt like it was the most luxurious thing to just clean your face so easily. I still love the easy-to-use Micellar Water but face wipes are just so darn easy to use. You can keep them next to your bed and clean your face without your feet needing to touch the ground.

I especially love the Nivea wipes, and even more than that they have two options which are just as great as each other. The Gentle Cleansing Wipes and the Refreshing Cleansing Wipes are two of my best friends at the mo’. They come 25 in a pack which will easily last you a month (give or take a few non-make-up days). They are also a great option to have in your handbag at all times if you ever need a quick freshen up.

And that is iiiiit for November Faves. Wow. Who knows if there will even be a December Faves for me as I will be jetsetting it up in London with my mom and siblings! Maybe one detailed yearly favourites post would be best? Let me know what you think! 

Rayne XX


November Faves

essence S/S ’16 range {RANGE REVIEW}

The essence Spring Summer 2016 range has hit South African pharmacies (drugstores, if you will) and, as per usual, girls have been going mad.

A few weeks ago the Cosmetix ladies started posting sneak peek videos of the essence S/S ’16  onto their Snapchat & Instagram stories and I was SO keen to see what was coming.. there seemed to be a LOT of lip products, metallics and matte effects involved. Dreamy eyes inserted here..


I purchased a few products as soon as they hit shelves and I was lucky enough to receive a few products to try out. I’ll be showcasing my absolute faves in today’s post as there are so many new releases we would be here forever if I gave you the lowdown on all of them..


contouring eyeshadow set

omg. Guys. I was like nee man when I saw this. The Kim K craze has gone TOO FAR if we are now contouring our eyeballs! But lo and behold. This nifty little kit is exactly what a gal with hooded eyes – ala Rayne – needs in her life. There are four colour combos which suits any and all skin tone and eye shade, and you lightly contour around your eyes. This enhances the depth and gives them an overall look of being bigger and brighter. Exactly what we would need in our lives as we near holiday partay season. Hip hip hooray! R54.95 per duo. 

essence S/S '16



matt matt matt lipgloss

The one product that I couldn’t get off my mind. As soon as I saw this on the Cosmetix Snapchat I was all about these. Creamy matt lipglosses are still huge right now even though we are nearing Summer. I have seen mixed reviews on these thus far but I am totally on the loving side. The shade selection is small yet gorgeous and the consistency is thick and pigmented. I would definitely call this more of a mousse lipstick than a lipgloss. Possibly the lighter shades are less pigmented and more lipglossy, but not shade 03. R44,50 each

essence S/S '16


matt matt matt lipstick

These lipsticks are very similar in consistency to the previous essence gel lipsticks. They finish into a matt look but still sits comfortably on your lips. All you could want from a matt lippy. Shade 02 perfect match is the perfect taupe nude and I have my eye on 08 it’s a statement – a beautiful deep shade which really is a statement shade! This range has 8 shades, retailing for R44.50 each. 

essence S/S '16


camouflage 2in1 make-up & concealer

I don’t use any foundation products from the essence range – although I do love the mousse concealer – so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The coverage is that of a good quality BB cream. It covers blemishes and alleviates redness nicely. I would however still use a concealer on top of this just because I have really bad pigmentation under my eyes. But I think anyone with normal eyes would find this fine as is. R69.95 for a 30ml tube. 



light up face luminizer palette

For me, this is the crème de la crème of the entire range. A three shade luminizing palette consisting of a golden glow shade, a light pearl and an intensive shimmer, what more do you need? You can basically use this palette for highlighting cheekbones, your cupids bow and brows. Everything you need right in one trio. The reason for the perfect shimmeryness is that each shade contains light-reflecting pigments. You can get this amazing trio for R 76,95. 

essence S/S '16


gel nail polishes

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. I just don’t do nail polish. I have the painting skills of a three year old, brittle nails and shakey hands. I only get my nails done or else they are scraggly and horrid looking. But I freaking LOVE these latest shades from essence! Look how preeeetty. These are my favourite three from the latest releases; more than a feeling, perfect match and royal blue.

Also, I did feature the XXL nail thickener in my last Favourites post. The clear polish is fine because no one will know if I have “accidentally” painted up to my first knuckle and it slightly errs my biting abilities. The gl polishes are only R29.95 each. I mean really. 

essence S/S '16


satin touch blush

I am such a fan of the essence blushes. I am loving matte face and lip products – did I mention that? But there is something about a satin blush that just adds a pop of health to your cheeks. This satin touch blush is available in three shades – bronze, coral, rosewood – and is the perfect addition to your Summer make-up bag. The colours don’t last as long on your face as you would like, but the colour payoff makes up for it. Who cares if you have to reapply your blusher once more in a day? They retail for R47.95 a pop.

essence S/S '16


And that is it for my essence S/S ’16 top picks! One last shout out to the the false lashes mascara dramatic volume unlimited mascara and the the metals eyeshadow which are also incredible and long lasting.. but I just could not allow myself to feature almost every single product from the range 😉


Have you tried the range yet? Are there any other products from the essence S/S ’16 range that I should review?


Rayne XX


essence S/S '16