Age Essentials range from Almay {REVIEW}

The Age Essentials range by Almay was released in South Africa in August 2016. Today’s post is a review on three products; the SPF 30 Lip Treatment, Concealer and Foundation.


Age Essentials


Immediately I noticed that Almay has done well by introducing a broader shade selection into the Age Essentials range. They have added in lighter and darker colours compared than the usual selection.


First off, the concealer – Cover and Conceal For Flawless, Youthful Looking Skin. I did a first impressions Snapchat review on all three of these products and I was raving about this. First thing you notice is how soft the concealer is. The consistency is creamy and verges on luxurious but it is also not that heavy on your skin. I do find that it will go cakey if you apply too many layers. I got trigger happy, applied WAY too much and it sunk into every fine line I applied it onto. As long as you keep it nice and consistently applied, it will work perfectly.

I do prefer light concealers so that they also act as an eye brightener. I took a shade which matched my skin tone so this suits me better as a blemish concealer as opposed to an under eye concealer. In Summer this will be the perfect shade though.

The Age Essentials Concealer is available in four shades. It is suitable for sensitive skin and is designed for delicate eye areas. The concealer is available in 4 shades.


Age Essentials

Age Essentials

Foundation on top
Concealer on the bottom (SUUUUPER creamy, heyyy)


Next up is the foundation – Multi-Benefit Foundation for a Youthful, Natural Look. The foundation is actually marketed under the name ‘Almay Age Essentials Makeup’ instead of as a foundation.

Marketed as a “breakthrough anti-aging innovation”, this product is formulated with powerful anti-aging ingredients as well as a built in moisturiser. It is also formulated with added hyaluronic acid, peptides and collagen and NO added parabens. Hyaluronic acid is a seriously awesome ingredient; it aids in wound repair, skin healing and alleviating inflammation. 

The foundation is also marketed as being lightweight and it certainly is that. It applies thinly but with a good medium consistency coverage. I did find it quite buildable which is great with the blemishes I currently have along my jawline. The biggest positive for me is that, once applied, it looks very dewy and luminous. I ALWAYS set my foundation with a matte powder and this foundation had me contemplating going for a dewy look instead.. During Summer this will probably be my go to product.

I have been using this for going on three weeks and it is serving me well. Your skin should be feeling firmer and looking lifted after four weeks of use.. so lets see!

The Age Essentials Makeup is available in 7 shades and costs R269.


almay age essentials (6)

 Age Essentials


And lastly, the Almay Age Essentials Lip Treatment – Multi-Benefit Lip Treatment for Youthful, Plump, Baby-Soft Lips. Immediately obsessed with this packaging! The chrome and purple style bullet is extra large too. It feels super weighty in your hand. Nothing at all like a cheapie chapstick.

Whether it is Summer or Winter, everyone experiences dry or sunburnt lips. And, quite honestly, there is no reason for a lip product to not contain any SPF!

Conditioning ingredients in the formula includes argan oil, shea butter, synthetic wax, coconut oil, Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) and hyaluronic acid. Yep, the same ingredient as explained above. I definitely get a faint coconutty scent from the product but I have seen people online claiming it to be “candy-scented”. It also has a faint pepperminty menthol tingle.

Once applied, you can immediately feel the nourishment and hydration seeping in. If you are only wearing this on your lips – as opposed to under a product – then you will have to reapply it every hour or so as it dries away. Maybe I just have exceptionally dry lips that use the moisture quickly? Either way, I have taken this and left it at work as I am loving using it throughout the work day!

The Age Essentials Lip Treatment is R120. All three of these product are available from Dis-Chem, Foschini and Clicks.


Age Essentials


And, of course, a before and after using both the concealer and the foundation.

Age Essentials


What do you think of these three products? Have you tried anything from this new range?


Rayne XX


Age Essentials

Make-Up related NO-NO’s of mine

Ever do something with or to your make-up and you have to tell yourself no-no! I have so many of these that I have to constantly remind myself about, yet I never seem to stop..




My first no-no would be the common no-no amongst ladies; sleeping with my face on! No-no, Rayne. No matter how many pimples this gives me, I seem to do it once a month.

I have a sad ‘thing’ about keeping all my pretty make-up packaging. It used to be everything and my disease has greatly improved. I now only keep the extra special high end luxe packaging. Here’s looking at you Dior/Chanel/or similar. This is unproductive as the packaging does not do anything* and I am being threatened with divorce by my boyfriend.

I pull on my be-mascaraed eyelashes. Super gross and I never used to do this. I once read a book and the main character did this when she was nervous and one day I tried it.. I now do it always. Not stress related at all.

I keep my make-up WAY past their apparent expiration date. I don’t believe in throwing away a R360 blusher after two years when I have barely made a dent in it. Lately I have been hearing the notion that you don’t have to throw your products away until they start smelling like crayons. I much prefer this as you can get five years out of a M.A.C blusher!**




I am scared of giving “bad” products a second try. As a self proclaimed beauty blogger, it is my duty to my blog to power through and use the worst of the worst and the best of the best! However, I am always slightly frighten to reuse a product that was a dud the first time around. That being said, I have also used many an item which got better with use!

I tend to apply my make-up in bad light every single work day. Literally. I cannot get around this too much during Winter and Autumn as the lighting is terrible in our place. The lighting is perfect later on in the day and in the sunny months though. So I regularly go to work with horrendously applied make-up and I struggle to care.

And my last no-no.. Whenever I love a product and I get to the last use in the tube/bottle, I will leave it. I am too sad to use the last bit so I end up having an overload of almost-finished make-up items in my beauty desk which could either 1) be used and repurchased or 2) be used and repurchased! It is not going to magically multiply the longer I leave it!


randoms (6)


Sigh. And that’s it for my make-up no-no’s. This was definitely a bit of a different post for me to write so please let me know what you thought of me straying from product reviews! Also, leave me a comment and help me feel better by letting me know any of YOUR weird beauty no-nos?


*I have tried being super pintresty and making a packaging collage but it sucked.

**If your product gives you horrid reactions that it never used to; it is probably too old to keep using.


Rayne XX



Velvet Brow Powder Artist by CATRICE {REVIEW}

This Velvet Brow Powder Artist could not have arrived at a better time! I don’t like to name drop but I have heard that this is a pretty good dupe for another drugstore product..


Velvet Brow Powder Artist


A blogged a few months ago on the Maybelline Brow Satin. Calling it my favourite brow product and that it was not finished but I was yet to repurchase it. Then this popped into my mail as part of a blogger drop and I was MAJOR excited to give it a whirl!


Velvet Brow Powder Artist


The Velvet Brow Powder Artist is a dual ended brow product consisting of a spooly and a sponge applicator. Something that boggled my mind was where does the product actually come from? When you put the lid on, it basically replenishes itself. I checked online and it turns out product is inside the lid. Nifty, huh? This also means there is no need for sharpening the end.

With a bit of practice, you can achieve defined and sharp brows but it does take a little work. I have had microblading done and my brows are pretty full. This product is perfect for someone like me who needs some texture, fullness and colour added.


<h2 style="text-align: center;">


The Velvet Brow Powder Artist is available in three shades:

  • 010 Light Brown
  • 020 Brown fASHionista
  • 030 Dark Brow(n) Is The New Black


Velvet Brow Powder Artist


Now, can we take a moment for those names? I have always admired the shade names of the CATRICE eyeshadows but this one totally cracked me up. I don’t even watch the show but it is brilliant!

All in all, this is a great go to product for someone who doesn’t need major work to get their brows looking good. I am using this as my go-to product for work during the week.


Thanks for reading!

Have you tried this product – what did you think?


Rayne XX


Velvet Brow Powder Artist

Porefessionally Bronzed Kit from Benefit {REVIEW}

If you are anything like me, you will have at least four of these gorgeously gorgeous Benefit Cosmetic kits in your Red Square online cart. The Porefessionally Bronzed kit was in my cart for ages before purchasing! Now, care to take a peek and find out what I think?

Porefessionally Bronzed


I think the question on most peoples’ minds when purchasing one of these kits is; “Is it worth it?” let me work it. I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it. Braaain. Staaahp. I can’t hear the phrase “is it worth it” without doing that.

Moving on. The Porefessionally Bronzed kit contains three products. You get a “fun sized” Porefessional face primer which is 3ml. You then get another “fun sized” product, the Watt’s Up cream highlighter, which is 2.5g. And finally, the pièce de résistance, the full size Hoola bronzer at 8g.


Porefessionally Bronzed


Benefit Cosmetics describes the kit as follows: “Prime, bronze & highlight with this complete contour makeup kit. This tempting trio of Benefit bestsellers will have you looking smoother-than-smooth, sunkissed and seductively luminous!”

If you are a follower of my blog, you will have seen me raving about the Hoola bronzer and Watt’s Up in multiple reviews and monthly favourites posts. Watt’s Up is one of my all time favourite highlighters (and I am not the greatest fan of cream highlights). And the Hoola bronzer is an absolutely perfect matte powder which suits most skin tones.


Porefessionally Bronzed


So, how do you figure out if the kits are worth it? I know this little Porefessionally Bronzed kit is totally worth it because I would pay over R500 for the Hoola bronzer alone! Thankfully it only costs R385 in reality. Basically I find the R495 price tag as a great deal as I would pay a lot more for this bronzer. Seriously, I have two and I have not even made a dent in my original Hoola even though I have had it for two years!

The Porefessional fun size is another story.. I pretty much laughed out of shock when I saw it in reality. I know you get full size, value size and fun sizez but fun size is laughable. It will probably be enough for one and a half uses. It is around the same size as my pinky and I am almost too scared to open it out of fear of breaking it! Thankfully I do have the full size of the Porefessional gel so I will just keep on using that..

The Watt’s Up fun size is the same size of the Porefessional but such better value for money! The product is compact and, once twisted up the whole way, you see that there is a LOT of product in there! I actually have a friend who bought the fun size over in the States and she has been using it for a good year or so. So it obviously lasts amazingly well. I am SO excited to have this as a fun size; it takes “travel make-up” to a new level!


Porefessionally Bronzed


If you reeeally want to get into the nerdy nitty gritty side of things, you can work out the actual worth of each product which would go as follows;

  • Hoola Powder Bronzer – full size = R385
  • Porefessional Primer – fun size = R66
  • Watt’s Up Cream Highlighter – fun size = R113

These amounts were worked out as if being valued per gram as priced on the three full sized items.


So overall you are saving money on the Porefessionally Bronzed kit as opposed to buying the three products separately. This is actually also not possible as you cannot buy the fun sized versions of the Watt’s Up and Hoola Bronzer! At most you can get a “value size” which is 7.5ml. So these are basically cool limited edition options.

You can purchase the Porefessionally Bronzed kit yourself directly from the Red Square website. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you would recommend any of the other Benefit kits? 

Rayne XX
Porefessionally Bronzed

Sorbet Scrub Series! Week 5 – Sensual Luxurious Oil Polish Up Salt Scrub

Whoo hooo – I am super chuffed with myself for keeping so up to date with my Sorbet Scrub Series! I get so excited when starting blog series’, but then I get lame and stop after a few installments. Thankfully, this series has been a dream to write because I am currently way obsessed with the Sorbet range.


Sensual Luxurious Oil Polish Up Salt Scrub


This week’s feature is the Sensual Luxurious Oil Polish Up Salt ScrubTry to say that fast ten times!  After featuring the Sorbet Sugar Scrub in Week 2 of my series, I knew I had to feature another tub scrub as people clearly loved reading about the Sugar Scrub.

The word ‘sensual’ always makes me think of firey gingery smells. Smells which I don’t usually gravitate towards. So when I caught a whiff of the gorgeous elderflower and jasmine with something slightly exotic, I was excited.
The scent of jasmine also increases your sense of well-being and calmness. And heck knows, we could all use some of that in our life!


Sensual Luxurious Oil Polish Up Salt Scrub


The granules in the Sensual Luxurious Oil Polish Up Salt Scrub are less coarse than the granules in the previously reviewed sugar scrub. Could this be because the one is sugar and the other salt? Maybe. Either way, it makes for a fabulously refreshing body scrub. You do need to press a bit harder or use this with an exfoliating mitt to get as good a scrub. The peeps who don’t love a really deep exfoliating cleanse will love this option. As with the other Sorbet tub scrubs, this leaves a little bit of a luxurious oily residue on the skin afterwards. This just leaves you feeling oh-so decadent and treated!


Sensual Luxurious Oil Polish Up Salt Scrub (3)

Sensual Luxurious Oil Polish Up Salt Scrub


If you search for this product online, you will see a lot of reviews recommending you don’t use this on your face. Okay, ladies, WHY would you use this on your face? I have looked all over the packaging and read the instructions and nowhere does it say ‘face scrub’! Just saying. I can imagine this would probably be really eina. So please, do not try that at home.

The packaging is sleek and hardly. I do appreciate the screw on lid so that no water is able to get into the tub and slightly dilute the formula.

Sensual Luxurious Oil Polish Up Salt Scrub

And now for the best part, the deliciously sized tub is only R45! Hello. Yes. R45. I would say this Sensual Luxurious Oil Polish Up Salt Scrub measures up almost as fabulously as the Sugar Scrub. It is not as awesome, but it is very close. The price difference is exactly R100 bucks though, making this more affordable for beauty lovers looking for a treat.

What do you think – does this sound divine to you? Let me know if there are any Sorbet products you would like me to review! 

Rayne XX

Sensual Luxurious Oil Polish Up Salt Scrub