Hendricks Gin Odd Pairing Campaign x Flora Dora {MINI SERIES}

I was invited to join in on the Hendricks Gin Odd Pairing campaign, and guys, a campaign has never been more made for me…


Hendricks Gin Odd Pairing


The gist of the campaign is simple enough, pairing the gin with something odd. Something you wouldn’t normally pair gin with..

Cue make-up and Make It Rayne. This brand in itself is so up my alley. The black gin bottle. The steampunk slash oddity inspired website. Do yourself a favour and check out the Hendricks Gin website here. Theeeee coolest and most adventurous website ever. There is so much to do. It is pretty akin to a semi-spooky maze game.


Hendrick's Gin


Moving on. I was asked to recreate a few of the classic Hendricks Gin cocktails that can be found on their website. With names like Forenoon Fizz, Boneshaker Gin Fizz and Mr. Macawber’s Gin Punch, I so struggled to choose between them! Eventually I opted for the “prettiest” cocktails, but this slightly scared me as the objective was that I had to recreate the cocktails! Who knows what they would end up looking like if I didn’t mix them properly?  In my defense, I have been a waitress before, but never a bartender. I am not totally pathetic. 

The second part of the campaign, and the beauty side, was creating matching nail looks. How cool? Don’t tell me you don’t feel your best when you have a scrumptious cocktail in a hand, with kick-ass nails to match? Because I sure do. I decided to go all out with my typical nail choice; acrylic tips. But this time I went all out and added in the nail art and decals. I couldn’t help but get carried away with such unique cocktails t design the nail looks after.





Onto cocktail numero uno; The Flora Dora

Part of this Hendricks Gin Odd Pairing campaign is coming up with your own bespoke cocktail. Today’s featured Hendricks cocktail is basically the cocktail I thought up in my mind before I went online and realized it is already on the website! SO back to the cocktail drawing board for me, but take a look at this awesome and easy-peasy cocktail.

Character: Fruity & Fizzy

Skill Level: Novice

Ingredients: 40ml Hendricks Gin, 20ml fresh Lime Juice, 10ml Raspberry Syrup, 20ml Ginger Beer (I used Ginger Ale), because rebel life.

Preparation: Build all ingredients in high ball over cubed ice.
Churn and serve. Easy as that.

Hendrick's Gin


This Flora Dora cocktail is definitely the one that reminds me of a delicious Summer punch. Also, the ingredients are super affordable and readily available from any Pick ‘n Pay or Woolies. I will definitely be whipping up some big multiple litre batches of this Flora Dora mix once Summer properly hits and we start braaiing every weekend. Hashtag, Afrikaans boyfriend life.

The idea behind my nails was that I wanted to incorporate a colour from every ingredient into the details. Originally I wanted to go super girly – like the name inspires – with pink/redish nails as a base colour, but I thought this crazy lime shade was a great complimentary shade to such a Summer inspired drink.

The black geometric nail stickers represent the awesome pitch black Hendrick’s Gin bottle. The bright lime green represents the added fresh lime juice. Finally, this stunning gold glitter polish and matte gold geometric nail stickers represent the ginger beer. The glitter in the gold sparkles in a way that reminds you of the sizzle of ginger beer on your tongue.

All in all I am so chuffed with this nail look. The lime green is totally a shade that I would never go with, but I think it compliments the Flora Dora cocktail perfectly! I might even opt for this wacky shade again in the future.





What did you think of today’s Hendrink’s Gin cocktail? And what did you think of my nail design? Let me know in the comments! Keep your eyes peeled as I have three more installments of this crazy mini-series lined up! 

You can find Hendrick’s Gin at: Facebook & Twitter

Rayne XX


Sorbet & SEW Affiliates Raise R1 Million

Sorbet & SEW Affiliates Raise R1 Million

This Spring, Sorbet hit a six-figure SEW milestone by raising over R1 million for its Sorbet Empowering Women (SEW) Academy.




This social initiative, created in partnership with The Clothing Bank, a non-profit organisation focused on empowering unemployed mothers to social and financial independence, aims to improve the earning potential and circumstances of previously disadvantaged women in South Africa by providing them with training and full-time employment as qualified nail technicians within the Sorbet Group.

Thanks to the sale of 60,000 Sorbet Empowering Women bracelets sold in Sorbet stores nationwide, over and above additional fundraising initiatives and support from key beneficiaries such as the Jobs Fund, and The Clothing Bank, the R1 million raised for SEW on bracelets has helped to train and provide employment for 53 women. Additionally, according to SEW partner, Relate Bracelets, this has achieved a ripple effect of positively impacting over 350 people, daily.

“While it is certainly a milestone to be celebrated, SEW has a long way to go in terms of achieving its overarching goal: to secure employment for 145 women by March 2018,” says Jade Kirkel, Marketing Manager of Sorbet Group.

With an estimated cost of R25,000 per graduate course – or the sale of 510 Sorbet Empowering Women bracelets – SEW needs to raise roughly R2.9 million over the next year to make the kind of change they’ve committed to championing.

To help achieve this goal, in 2015, Sorbet launched Amazi, offering high-quality beauty treatments at affordable prices, which predominantly employs nail technicians from the SEW Academy. Exciting fundraising initiatives are also underway and in the pipeline across the Sorbet Group to further secure SEW’s success.

Launched in 2014, SEW began as a way in which for Sorbet to realise a goal that was core to its heart: to be a beauty brand with purpose.

Says CEO, Ian Fuhr, “The underlying philosophy of the Sorbet Group is to make a difference in people’s lives. Once we started building the brand, we wanted to give something back and created the SEW Trust. SEW gives us an opportunity to do something for the community. There are so many people struggling in life and this gives them a chance to fulfill their potential – there is no greater gift in life than giving someone that opportunity.”

Speaking of the opportunity she received, SEW graduate Sinoxolo Qondongo says, “I no longer feel disadvantaged, I feel like I have changed my circumstance into an opportunity and said yes to being a better person.”

Lungile Mbambo, another proud Sorbet Empowering Women graduate, agrees: “SEW has given me the skills I needed to make a significant change to my life. I am confident and can face many challenges because I am empowered. Nothing defeats my mind and I always know that taking responsibility of my life is the key to success and not expect other people to do it for me.”

To help Sorbet raise R2.9 million over the next year and to help a woman fulfill her potential, here is how you can make a valuable contribution to the SEW initiative:

 Choose to Paint It Forward when having a treatment – Add R5 to any nail treatment as a donation to SEW

 Buy a beaded Relate bracelet in Sorbet salons

 Make a secure online donation via the Givengain website

 Support Sorbet’s fundraising events




For more information on Sorbet Empowering Women visit www.sorbet.co.za or speak with your friendly Sorbet therapist. My favourite Sorbet is the Sun Valley Mall branch – give them a call on 021 785 2767. 

Rayne XX


My Scary Scarring Story & how Bio-Oil helped my face {REVIEW}

A few weeks ago Bio-Oil sent out the cutest product drop; an old school tin medical case which was stuffed to the brim with all the medical supplies you would need for accidents and possible scarring…




This included plasters, bandages, Dettol, tweezers, scissors and, of course, a travel sized Bio-Oil. Perfect for carrying on you at all times.

I have huge bottles of Bio-Oil in my beauty desk and in the bathroom. So, today I decided to share my story on just why I love having Bio-Oil on hand..

Bio-Oil is the immediate go-to product when it comes to stretch marks. Something that most women – and loads of males – deal with.  I have been using it since I was about fourteen and they started popping up where they weren’t wanted. Nasty buggers. However, my major relationship with Bio-Oil was when I had some horrible facial scarring; caused from my beloved ghd.

This was about three years ago and I was straightening my hair like I do multiple times a week, and somehow I managed to lay the plates of the ghd on my face for long enough to burn it quite badly. As a normal girl, I immediately freaked out because, hello, facial scarring. I will leave some images below but the timeline went like this:

Day of – thin yet angry looking, bright red lines. And it HURT. I went to a chemist that same day and was recommended a product especially for facial scarring. Bio-Oil didn’t even cross my mind. For some reason I seemed to separate scars from facial scars.



A week later – the scars scabbed and started peeling off and it looked like the angry redness was subsiding.



Two weeks – The scabs had completely scabbed off (delightful) but the skin underneath was even redder and angrier than before. Also, VERY sensitive and itching at all times!! The stripes were even thicker than before, I would say they had doubled in thickness by now.




** By now I had switched to Bio-Oil on the recommendation of a friend.

Just a few days after my two week mark my skin had healed SO much in comparison to those two weeks before. The Bio-Oil significantly soothed and healed the horrible red skin. Also, these pictures do not do the burns justice. It was VERY painful and every time I pulled an expressive face it would rip the scabs. The Bio-Oil majorly helped with the pain aspect and the overall look of the scars.

Four weeks – You can see clearly in these images that the scars were nothing more than faint pink lines at the four week mark. The stripes were no longer lumpy or 3D off my face. It was simply just irritated skin that was regrowing itself.



After about six weeks there was nothing that was noticeable to the eye. I hate to sound dramatic but these two scars were HORRIBLE to have. People would stop me in the mall and ask about them. Today they are almost totally gone – you can only see them if I am really really tanned (a rare occasion in itself) as those little strips of skin seem to not tan as deeply.

So that was my little story telling post all about the wonders of Bio-Oil. And for the record, this is not a sponsored post. But that cute little medicine box just reminded me of my oh-so traumatic experience 😉




Rayne XX


Tangle Angel

Favourite Nivea Face Scrubs {REVIEW}

A few weeks ago I had such an in-awe response to the below image posted to Instagram. My favourite Nivea face scrubs are both a female and a male product!




I love switching up skincare products and routines. My skin is the kind that tends to behave itself for the most part. I don’t struggle with acne but I struggle with teeny tiny white heads and dry skin. Also, when I have been gorging on bad foods, I tend to get clusters on pimples on my chin. Also ***censored sentence ahead*** they are the kind of pimples which just do not want to rear their ugly heads. They just stay gunked up in my chin. Yuck.

This is why I adore a good hardy face scrub. Nothing helps my skin like a good ol’ exfoliator. This is why I decided to try out my boyfriend’s Nivea Men Exfoliating Face Scrub one day and I was obsessed from the first use. The menthol smell is delish and refreshing on your face. The beads in the scrub are not microbeads, they give your face a really good, deep scrub. Seriously, ladies. I got a lot of questions on my Instagram asking if the product is not too harsh. It is harsh, but you can control how harsh it is depending on how much you apply. Also, I don’t have sensitive skin, so I would suggest you rather don’t buy it if you have very sensitive skin. Otherwise, go for it, you won’t regret it! I use it multiple nights a week – but not every night.


Getting into the nitty gritty (pun intended);

  • It deeply cleanses to scrub away impurities and unblock pores.
  • Lifts off dry and dead skin to reveal smooth and refreshed skin.
  • USAGE: Three times per week.


My other favourite product is the Skin Refining Scrub from the Daily Essentials range. This is made for women so it is obviously a much gentler scrub. It is geared towards normal and combo skin so, again, maybe don’t try if you have sensitive skin. My favourite aspect of this Nivea scrub is that it maintains the moisture balance in your skin whilst exfoliating. So no horrid dryness after using this! Like the men’s face wash, this only needs to be used twice to thrice a week.




More nitty gritty info:

  • Especially mind on skin as it is enriched with Vitamin E. Yet it is still not geared for sensitive skin.
  • Respects the skin’s moisture balance while refining the surface area.
  • Enriched with Hydra IQ as well as Vitamin E.


Aaaand seeing as this post involves a male product – and my boyfriend will kill me for this – I have to point out that he adores this scrub. It is his go to product to alleviate blackheads and also the ONE skincare product that he repeatedly requests when I go shopping.

Each of these products cost only R59.95 and can be purchased from Clicks. Clicks is also currently having a 3-for-2 on skincare products so grab these now! You can also purchase them online from the online Clicks store

Rayne XX


Blush Artist Shading Palette from CATRICE {REVIEW}

I have such a love for blushers but I tend to stay away from reviewing them. This is because I struggle to photograph them in all their glory. I just had to feature the Blush Artist Shading Palette though…


blush artist shading palette


I am a big fan of blog posts where you actually see the product on someone. But lets be real, blusher is seriously difficult to capture, but I am still publishing this post on the Blush Artist Shading Palette because it is one of my favourites right now!

CATRICE is loved and known as a really affordable “drug store” brand. Their packaging is gorge and the shade selection is always vast. Not to mention that the products are really on point with European trends.

This Blush Artist Shading Palette is super cute. Seriously, look at it. I love the simple style and sleek packaging. It is available in three shades; 010 BRONZEECLAT, 020 CORALL-I-NEED, 030 ROCK’NROSE.



This one is in the shade 020 CORALL I NEED.



Of course it contains a coral shade of blush. I have been gravitating to this shade more frequently now as we switch into Spring mode. The neutral sheen is suitable for the kind of make-up style that I am currently wearing. It also has a slight illuminating shimmer which I love love love. 

In the swatches below, you can see the shades are highly pigmented but not in a garish bright way. The powder has a slight fall out – which you can see from the bottom shade – but it is nothing that tapping the excess off won’t sort out! The deeper two shades pay off and really suitable and brightly toned on your skin. All three are also very blendable and I found that they worked well with blusher and duo-fibre brushes.




As I said, I have been loving the coral shade personally. I think it is a very versatile palette and especially the middle shade, I think that shade will work well for most skin tones.

At R92 this palette is a steal. THREE full blusher shades for less than blue buffalo. I definitely have my eye on the 020 palette; those bronzey hues are gorge! As always, CATRICE loves to switch up their ranges really quickly. So get your hands on these pronto!

You can buy CATRICE products from Dis-Chem stores nationwide.

Rayne XX


Tangle Angel