Homegrown bio-clinical skincare brand, Esse, has launched a range of professional, customised skin rewilding treatments which incorporate advanced pre- and probiotics, as well as the application of live probiotics. The Esse Experience treatments – which are broken into an Esse Express, Esse Experience, and Esse Live Probiotic Experience – are world-first, science-based treatments that rewild the skin using Esse products.

“Conventional skincare has adversely affected the skin’s natural microbiome by stripping it of bacteria that actually protect the skin,” explained Trevor Steyn, founder of Esse. “Because of this, we’ve seen a drastic rise in modern skin conditions such as acne and eczema, with the problem further compounded by people turning to quick fixes that do more to harm the skin than help.”

“The targeted facial treatments provide their benefits through our probiotic and organic ingredients which deeply hydrate, soothe, and renew the skin. This not only rewilds the skin – restoring the natural microbiome – but it also reduces inflammation and slows the aging process.”

The pioneering brand in biotechnology is driven by recent research, and these newly launched treatments remain true to this, boasting a number of science-backed benefits.
These include:
• Boosting collagen production;
• Soothing stress relief;
• Anti-inflammatory properties;
• Strengthening the barrier function; and
• Restoring the skin’s natural ecosystem.


The Esse Experience treatment packages:

The Esse Express – A 30-minute treatment targeted at achieving results

This express treatment is a great introduction for those unfamiliar with the Esse products, or for those who are unsure of what they would like to achieve with their skincare goals. The product selection is tailored to unique skin needs after thorough skin analysis.

What are the benefits?
This treatment is ideal for those wanting optimal results in limited time.


The Esse Experience – A 60-minute fully customisable experience

This is a bespoke facial that harnesses the power of advanced pre- and probiotics to improve the microbial balance on the skin. It’s tailored to address specific skin concerns following a detailed skin analysis, and can be customised to touch and temperature.

What are the benefits?
This treatment soothes and heals stressed or aggravated skin, boosts collagen production, calms inflammation, and builds barrier function. The inclusion of an Acupressure Facial Massage relieves stress and tension from the face and unblocks energy blockages while promoting relaxation, skin health, and homeostasis.


The Esse Live Probiotic Experience – A 75-minute ultimate treatment that takes skin to the next level

This world-class live probiotic experience includes the application of 5 billion colony-forming units per ml of live lactobacillus probiotics to the skin, followed by the Esse Exclusion Mask. This provides the perfect anaerobic environment for the bacteria to start to colonise.

What are the benefits?
The treatment is designed to reduce inflammation, enhance barrier function, and address signs
of ageing by restoring microbial balance. Rewilding the skin to attain a diverse microbial ecology
is essential for long-term skin health. This treatment includes the Esse Anti-inflammatory or Esse
Lifting Massage, which will further enhance treatment outcomes and promote complete


The Esse Experience treatments are an industry-based offering exclusive to professionals.
To enjoy these treatments, visit your nearest Esse therapist (including the Esse Concept Store).
To find out more about The Esse Experience treatments and its probiotic skincare product range,

visit www.esseskincare.com