I’ve really been enjoying these quickie style posts even though they are few and far between! They always leave me with a feeling of achievement afterwards. Even though I have not necessarily given you an in depth rundown, I know these posts at least give you the option to approach me and ask for more information on a specific product. So please, do ask away!

#LiquidLuck from Swiitch Beauty – R150

With so many fab eyeliners on the market, it’s never top of my mind to go on the hunt for a new one. I am very happy to have finally opened this (as it was sitting in my makeup storage for 10 months) and it’s a winner. It’s matte, it’s black, and, more than that, it’s easy(ish) to use for us ladies who are not quite experts in the eyelining department.

The applicator was styled after Japanese calligraphy pens but don’t let that fine artistry scare you. The pen is easy to function and the incredibly pointed nib makes creating the tail of the wing straightforward.

I also have to point out that even after 10 months of storage the formula does not seem to be negatively impacted whatsoever.



SVR Sun Secure Blur SPF Crème Mousse – +-R280

This is a very very very good product from SVR. Potentially one of my favourite finds of 2019. I did briefly speak about it last year but never in a blog post. And I really felt guilt that it didn’t get the air-time that it deserves!

This SVR “blurring mousse” is a dual product in that it is an SPF 50 and a priming product in one. It’s said to blur imperfections and prep the skin for makeup. And blur it does! The effect on one’s skin is immediate. And even better, your face is left looking – and feeling – velvety soft and hydrated. The overall effect is actually that of a matte effect but when I say hydrated I mean that it adds a somewhat “health” to your skin.

I really do ADORE this and it’s quickly made its way onto my ‘To Repurchase’ list. The SVR BLUR Mousse can be worn under makeup or alone but I choose to wear it under makeup. I’ve just had very bad skin these days that I’ve rarely had a no makeup day! Unless of course I’m not actually leaving the house.. In which case I would not put makeup on.


Epimax Oatmeal Lotion – R110

I love oatmeal anything (apart from a rusk oatmeal) which I know is an odd thing to say. But oatmeal is one of those ingredients that I really feel I can feel working on my skin. My Honey & Oat mask from the Body Shop is one example, and this lotion is another.

This thin yet creamy consistency of lotion is a very soothing, very hydrating option which I have really enjoyed over the last few weeks.

It’s described online as a light, ultra-caring lotion that restores the compromised skin barrier, soothes and protects dry, sensitive skin and absorbs quickly with a velvety, non-greasy afterfeel. The key ingredients are colloidal oatmeal, oat oil and shea butter – a protective combination that helps soothe, relieve and condition dry or sensitive skin.

It can be used across the whole family – babies included!

#Buffy Foundation Brush from Swiitch Beauty – R150

After a mishap with their #S19TotalBuffer, the team at Swiitch Beauty redesigned their foundation brush and brought out the #Buffy. With a stronger handle, brush head and ferrule, you can expect this version to perform better than ever before.

I really enjoy this brush now that I have used it a few times. It works equally well to buff in primers and foundations without leaving streaks. I still prefer using sponges over brushes, but this is a good brush option if you’re on the hunt.

Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask from Garnier – R49.95

I have shown the Garnier Moisture Bomb masks on Instagram for going on four years now, but seems I have never featured them on the blog?!

The pink variation is infused with chamomile, a super-hydrating plant serum and hyaluronic acid. I do love this mask and while it does not perform miracle work (it is only 50 bucks after all), it is still a wonderful skin treat to use prior to a special occasion.

Mineral & Ginger Warming Mask from The Body Shop – R200

It has been a minute since I featured some Body Shop on here! Unfortunately this does not work well on my skin as I am not meant to use clay masks. But I still bought it and used it twice. Shows how deep my love goes/went for the brand! 

I decided to still feature the mask as warming masks are not a common find among our local brands, and I do love the mechanic of this mask. Quoting directly from the website: a self-warming mask that helps your pores relax for a deep clean. Made with ginger and cinnamon oils to invigorate the skin. While algae helps purify and condition the skin.

So while I cannot make use of the mask, I do think that those with oilier skins would really enjoy this. And it smells like a spa!

Let me know in the comments if you have any review requests. I would be glad to pop them into the next few quickie posts!

Rayne XX