I am so excited about today’s post, you guys! Truly truly truly. If you are pregnant and looking for a brand to turn to in the bodycare department then you have come to the right place; introducing Natralogic.

I feel like I only just announced my pregnancy (in reality it’s been about 2 months) but I’ve been blown away by the amount of people I have asking me what prenatal vitamin I’m taking, what skincare am I using, what skincare am I avoiding and, most of all, what am I using on my body. Oh, this old thing? Yeah, this old thing which is now a vessel carrying the most sacred object, the most precious cargo I’ll ever have the honour of carrying!

Pre-pregnancy I was not all that into body care. I’m obsessed with all things beauty and skin, and I have my assorted Lush body conditioners (which I’ll probably request are cremated with me one day in the future) but I’ve never been a body cream person and because of this I never really knew where to turn when it came to the daunting task of “avoiding stretch marks”.

Before I go on, please PLEASE keep in mind that I am in NO WAY hinting that stretch marks are negative. I am 110% of the mindset that they are your warrior stripes and you damn well earned them. How many women on this earth would kill to be able to display their own? You are so blessed to be able to carry a child and stretch marks are therefore an honour. However, taking care of your bod during- and post-pregnancy has so much more to do with CARING for your body than it does with AVOIDING stretch marks. So now, with that disclaimer out of the way…

Being in the industry, I’ve been inundated with brands either sending products or requesting to send product. And at this point I’ve had the luxury of some of the best reaching out.. So you better know if I’m chatting about them on here, then they’re a winner! 😉

Natralogic is the first brand of maternity skincare that I’m featuring on here. And the reasons that they are being featured is endless. I could copy and paste the entire website and the ethos of the brand here and leave it at that. They are truly extraordinary.

Lauren Lamont, Owner and Founder of Natralogic, is revolutionizing the skincare industry by pioneering South Africa’s first all-natural skin care range developed specifically for the needs of pregnant women.

The concise and simple range consists of 5 products in total:

Beginning with my favourite. The Exfoliating Crème is utterly divine. I avoided any scrub-like products in my bath-time routine as I was linking itchy skin to the main culprit of stretch marks. In actuality, this step is essential for stretch mark prevention. It aids in the removal of dead skin cells, speeds up cell renewal process, and boosts the skin’s natural repair process. This all results in the skin being able to absorb following products better.

I for one am THRILLED to be able to add one of my favourite bath-time steps back into my routine. I am such a fan of scrubs, be it for your hair, body or face! So rest assured that instead of being apprehensive of a body exfoliator, you should be aiming to include this every night.

Lastly, I can honestly say that this has gone a long, long way in alleviating my itchyness. It sounds so unflattering to say so (although I’ve been mentioning it on social media constantly!) but the itchy skin has been driving me mad. One or two mornings I have actually woken myself up with the scratching.

The Natralogic items were sent packaged so beautifully that I barely made any effort with these pictures!

Next up is the Tummy Crème. This is the third maternity body-lotion I have used and it is far superior to the other two. And that is before you even consider the all-natural ingredient lists!

The Natralogic variation is extremely moisturising, as you would expect. But best of all is that you can put your clothes back on immediately. Preferably, you should be applying your lotions and potions twice a day but I have been slacking on applying in the morning mainly down to the fact that I hate that “sticky” feeling left behind. Thankfully, the Natralogic Tummy Crème sinks right in!

The scent is also gorgeous and light, with an obvious pyramid of “natural” ingredients contributing to the smell. Think spa-like and opulence…


The Nipple Crème is the only product of the 5 that I have not yet used. It is formulated to be used pre and post pregnancy – but more so when you are already breastfeeding. I’m not going to chat about this today as I’d rather delve into it when I can fully review it. I did however want to feature it quickly as I think this is a great addition to the Natralogic range.


I’ve already dibsed the exfoliator as my favourite in the lot but let me just tell you.. the Cooling Leg Gel is a winner and we have not even entered Summer yet!

I have not dealt with swollen legs and ankles as yet. I am sure that they are juuust around the corner, but I have still had such relief when using the cooling gel on my legs. In the evenings I like to enjoy a nice warm bath and then apply the cooling gel once I have hopped out and dried myself off. The gel lives up to it’s name: it is indeed cooling. It aids in encouraging circulation and it truly brings relief to your extremities.

Our products are specially formulated for use during pregnancy as they are free of toxins and ingredients that are considered harmful to your little one. They contain only the highest quality Certified Organic and Natural ingredients.

Toning Massage Oil.. this is another that I was a bit apprehensive about in terms of leaving behind a residue. I have been using a much pricier option of tummy oil which is an absolute winner, so I was very curious!

Thanks to the purely natural oils, you need not expect a thick and gloopy consistency. Instead it is a clear, moisturising formula which is such a smooth process to massage into the skin. I am sold! It has also been formulated to shape body contours, reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve micro-circulation of waterlogged tissue. All of which results in a smoother and more hydrated looking epidermis.

It does not sink into your palms that way the Tummy Creme does. So be sure to wash your hands afterwards. Or, my favourite option, ask your partner to rub it in instead 😉

If you’d like more info (trust me, there is so much incredible info behind this brand!) or to shop these gorgeous products, visit the website here.