It is a good time of year when Elizabeth Arden adds to their Beautiful Colour range. And the Brow Perfector is one of my favourite releases to date!

The Brow Perfector (R370)“3-in-1 eyebrow pencil, powder and brush” variations were introduced to the beauty world in August at the annual Elizabeth Arden event. I can tell you, I honestly squealed when I spotted these! I had not seen them released overseas at that stage and I had no idea they were in the pipeline. This type of eye-brow tool is my absolute FAVOURITE and I have a few products of the same design.

Available in two shades, the Brow Perfector allows you to define, colour and shape your brows faster than ever.

Brow Perfector

While it may not look like it from the above pictures, the body of the Brow Perfector contains a cushion powder applicator. I was using this for around three weeks before finally reading the press release and realizing… whoops. But I have quite thick brows anyway, so I opt more for the spoolie to neaten things up. Followed by going in with the 1.5mm micro-tip pencil to define the brow. The pencil nib is soooo¬†incredibly thin and dainty, allowing you to create the most “life-like” feathery individual brow hairs. The wax is also a nice and sturdy consistency. You can rest assured that the nib will not snap while using it.

Baby, Take a Brow

Brow Perfector

Brow Perfector

Brow Perfector

So if you are someone with sparse brows, this is the perfect tool to then use the cushion applicator to fill in any sparse areas. It really is a great addition no matter what your brow type.

I especially adore that the final look is not the traditional “drawn on” cartoon brows that scares women away from using brow pencils. Instead, the pencil and cushion mixture allows for only defined and natural brows. An absolutely STAR product.

There are currently two shades available. A light brown and a black. The brown is quite a chameleon shade in the way that it works for both blondes and brunettes, while the black would work for darker brunettes and black hair.

Brow Perfector

These Brow Perfector beauties will be available from all your usual Elizabeth Arden stockists from 22nd October.

The Brow Perfector has officially replaced my die-hard favourite, the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist. It is essentially the exact same product (minus the powder), but this one is locally available!

Let me know if you decide to pick one up!

Rayne XX