If there is one thing I have been harping on about this year, it’s sunscreen! And the newest kid on the block, the Prisma Protect (R1,099) from dermalogica, is a goodie and a half. 

Advertised as the “master multitasker” the Prisma Protect will not only protect your delicate skin from UV lights, it will also protect it from free radical damage and use UV light to increase your skin’s natural radiance. Along with these already amazing attributes, you can count on your skin feeling smooth and hydrated all day long. How’s that for multi-tasking?!

The Prisma Protect is advertised as being the perfect foundation prior to applying your make-up. And you could even use this in place of your daily moisturiser. While the Prisma Protect does in fact offer a gorgeous, almost luminous, sheen to the skin I prefer to go ahead with my usual skincare routine and apply the Prisma Protect as the absolute FINAL step in my routine. As well as the product feeling airy and light, the scent itself is deliciously citrusy and light, too.

Prisma Protect

There are some fab ingredients jam-packed into this multitasker. The six amino acid peptide Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12 is formulated to improve your skin tone as well as assist with firming the skin. And the camellia Sinensis leaf extract (essentially Green Tea) is loved all around the world for being a gorgeous antioxidant.

While I have been a huge fan of dermalogica for the longest time, you’ll need to think hard about spending a grand on a “sunscreen”. I advise you to read through the benefits and advertising material and decide exactly what you’ll be using the Prisma Protect for in your daily routine. I choose to not use it every day. However, I gravitate toward it on a “no-make-up” day and on special occasions. So either if I want to perk up my pasty face or if I need some extra beautifying. But above that, well-done dermalogica for yet again staying ahead of the curve. AND for always bringing us beauty lovers new, exciting, and innovative skincare!

Prisma Protect

Side note: This holographic, reflective packaging is unreal. I just cannot capture the beauty properly in these photos 🙁 

Rayne XX