I did a fairly large press drop unboxing story on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and once the story was wrapped up, I asked what YOU want to see reviewed on this blog. I find this “point” of unboxing videos amazing. This way, I can bring you guys the content that YOU want to see, faster.

Bare Faced Foundation

Bare Faced Foundation

The most common response was that people wanted to see a review on the Bare Faced Foundation from Sorbet. And when I say common, I mean 50% plus of the answers were people asking for my thoughts on the Bare Faced Foundation. Has an influencer somewhere been raving about it? Why is it suddenly so popular? Do not get me wrong, I am a MASSIVE Sorbet fan – you don’t need me to remind you! But I was astounded at how many people were interested in this product review above everything else.

I also have two more Sorbet Make-up items to chat about along with the Bare Faced Foundation. Overall I am a HUGE lover of Sorbet make-up. You can check out previous reviews here.

Bare Faced Foundation R 260

Straight off the bat I must admit I do enjoy the Sorbet foundations so I knew there was a great chance I would love this.

The Face First serum foundation is a fabulous pick and, most important of all, Sorbet caters to us yellow-undertoned ladies. I cannot stress how common it is to have a brand that is known for their vast ranges somehow manage to include yellow tones into their shade range. It is the bane of my make-up existence but Sorbet delivers 100% here!

Anyway, I really enjoy the Sorbet Face First but I love love LOVE the Bare Faced Foundation! Really, I have been raving about it from the first time I used it and I am thrilled to be able to report back in this way. I feel a real sense of achievement when I find a new affordable foundation to recommend. And at R260 per bottle, I feel comfortable recommending this for all pocket types.

The formula is a satin finish but it is oil free. So you oilier skinned peeps need not fear! The “dewy” look has suddenly becoming a whole lot more achievable 😉

I get an entire day’s worth of wear out of this without it slipping and sliding and creasing terribly. I have not yet used it with powder so I can’t speak to how it would react, but I am definitely counting this as one of my current favourites.

* Available in 22 shades

Bare Faced Foundation

Contour Me Duo R189.95

Out of the three products I am chatting about today, this is the one I was most excited to be playing with.

I had been eyeing out the Contour Me Duo kits for a while and I eventually settled on Nudist Peach. I am such a sucker for a great contour shade and considering my favourite two are not available here, I am always on the lookout to replace them!

The contour shade is exactly what I look for; deep, matte and blendable. To be entirely honest, you do have to werk-werk-werk those blending skills when applying this, but the pay-off is beautiful and smooth. I just found I had to spend a little more time physically blending.

Each contour kit contains a blush shade but mine is more of a highlighter shade. Hand in hand with the contour, it adds lovely dimension to the face and the two shades pair perfectly together.

Bare Faced Foundation

Cover & Go Foundation Blender R75

And the last product; one of the three makeup blenders/sponges that Sorbet has to offer.

I’ve used one other shape of Sorbet makeup sponge before and, while that one was actually meant for sculpting and highlighting, it worked perfectly for foundation and concealer application.

This sponge however IS designed for foundation and it is a goodie. Really. We are seriously sleeping on Sorbet sponges as opposed to the cult classic RT sponges that we all know and love. And this option is 50% less than the RT!

I won’t elaborate too much more as there are only so many positive aspects to a beauty sponge. The sponge is nicely dense yet soft and mallable, the product does not absorb in a way that wastes products, and the shape is perfect for getting into the creases of your face. Definitely a winner for concealer!


Have you used any products from the Sorbet range yet? I have reviewed so many of the products by now and I have been won over by the brand! Let me know if there are any other products in the range that you’d like to see my thoughts on.


Rayne XX

** Disclosure: These products were chosen by myself and then sent to me for review purposes.
This does not alter my opinion in any way.