Knowing this post was coming up was both the bane of my existence and a post I was very excited for. Who doesn’t want to spread the highlighter love?! I mentioned how I struggled narrowing down my favourites when I tackled the blusher category and the bronzer/contour category.. And this put me in the same situation. But tenfold. Highlighters are my downfall. I knowwww, #FirstWorldProblems, much?

In preparation for this post, I should have counted my highlighters, but I didn’t. I would guesstimate that I have upwards of 50 though.. Potentially.. I’m not sure. There are definitely 16 MAC highlighters in my collection (and that’s from memory, I know I am forgetting some). I have highlighters in makeup bags in my bedroom, in acrylic unit holders, in my cubby hole, in my car boot, in my beauty room. I am drowning in highlighters. But I am not complaining! Instead today I am letting you in on my absolute ride-or-die “I’d grab these in a fire” highlighters.

In no particular order…

Sleek Highlighter Palettes – Solstice, Cleopatra’s Kiss, Precious Metals & Distorted Dreams +- R185

I know I always feature a product or two that you can’t purchase here and today is no exception. The Sleek highlighter palettes are my go-to powder highlighters for a banging glow. These are gorgeous, blinding and of a wet – look effect. I have four of the six palettes (I am DYING to grab the latest one! It actually makes my heart ache) as well as a backup of one of those four.
On first use, I found these difficult to work with as they do unfortunately pick up on any uneven texture on your skin. But if your skin is prepped properly, and you’re light handed, you can still achieve a bomb highlighter look. I swear I am complimented EVERY TIME I wear one of these.

The Sleek palettes contain combinations of powder and cream pods but I won’t go into these as you can read full reviews here and here. For your reference, I would say Cleopatra’s Kiss is the best overall, but it completely depends on your skintone.

I have unfortunately has to re-use old blog photos for this post. Sorry guys! But it is probably for the best… these beloved products are pretty “used” looking today.

Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome from The Body Shop (in Bronze) – R230

I know I said I wasn’t going in any particular order but I started with my favourite powders above and now I’m moving into my favourite cream highlighter. This highlighting dome from The Body Shop is one of the most impressive highlighters I’ve ever used.

Nothing will give you more of a sheeny, dewy, healthy glow that this. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s subtle though. While it is not blinding, it’s incredibly eye-catching and gorgeous. It is most definitely underrated and this should hold cult status in my opinion. I like to spritz my beauty sponge with micellar water then apply the cream to my face using the sponge. The dome comes in three variants; Golden, Pink and Bronze.


Watt’s Up! Cream Highlighter – R475

Truthfully, I could have lumped ALL of my Benefit highlighters into this post. I am a fan of certain categories from Benefit and not so keen on other categories, but their highlighters are always hits for me. I chose my absolute fave of them all, the Watt’s Up! highlighter.

It is described as a “soft focus highlighter turns on “watt” ya got with a delicate rose-gold glow that’s gorgeous”. I find this leans way more to a pearl shade payoff than a rose-gold but that may just be my skintone.

There are so many pros to this product and I always receive compliments and queries when I wear it. The product is long lasting and there is almost 10g of product in the tube. Because the shade is so angelic and soft, you can use it on your cupids bow, brows, inner eye and more. I prefer to use it as a cheekbone and cupids brow highlighter.

I love this so much that I went out and purchased a deluxe sample size as well. Just to make sure I am never without it! Out of all the products featured in this list, this is probably the most iconic and most recognized highlighter.


MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush – R320

I am about to say something that will probably sound shocking… if you had asked me prior to this post what my favourite type of highlighter was, I would never have answered cream. When did I become a cream highlighter girl?! Every single choice in this list is a cream product or includes a cream product in the palette.

To be fair I had about 4 other products in the fight to make it onto this list, and all of those were powders. But clearly I am a cream girl when it comes to highlighters.

I purchased this cream colour base a bit before I really started getting into makeup. You know what I mean – I used mascara but I didn’t know how to contour? The makeup assistant recommended this to me and I wasn’t particularly interested but she sold it so hard (a reason that I barely shop in stores anymore – feel so bad for the sales people! – that I just bought. And now it’s about two years later and I’m almost finished with it, and I will certainly be repurchasing!

Hush is described on the MAC website as being a soft peach with an icy shimmer. There are 7 other shades in the range, and while they are all stunning (and may I add, there is something for EVERY skin tone) I will probably repurchase Hush before trying another shade. This is how perfect the colour is!

And that is it for another Favourites 2019 post. What did you guys think? As always, be sure to check out Simone’s matching post here. She really has the BEST taste and it’s always interesting to see which products the two of us choose as our favourites. We seem to have very similar taste yet we NEVER feature the same products!

Rayne XX