This post has been a long time coming and I have got to say, I have not been so pumped about a “routine” post in a long, LONG while! My K-Beauty routine is one that has been asked about frequently (meme inserted below for your viewing pleasure). But really, I have been receiving a LOT of review requests and product recommendations, and a lot of people have been talking to me about all the options out there, like private label cbd skincare kits and the like. I have now decided on my staple K-Beauty skincare routine, which is what I will be chatting you through today and tomorrow. *This routine is being split into two to allow me to really delve into each product, why it is included in the routine, and where you can purchase it. I will make sure to include links to purchase, as well as multiple product options wherever possible.

Steps 1 & 2 – Oil and Foam Cleansers

The first two steps are cleansing. Korean skincare really brought the act of double cleansing to the forefront of your skincare routine. As oil based cleanser is advised first, to be followed with a foaming cleanser. Depending on your skin type, you can change the cleanser types up, but starting with an oil based cleanser is advised as a key step in the routine. I opt for the Tony Moly WONDER Apricot Deep Cleansing Cleanser (R230), followed by the Baking Powder B.B Deep Cleansing Foam from Etude House (R215). This deep cleansing foam cleanses and exfoliates the smaller dead skin cells while removing impurities from pores. I don’t struggle with large pores but I absolutely LOVE the semi-exfoliating effect that this has on my skin.

On days when my skin is really flaring up with sensitivity issues, I opt for the J.One Jelly Cleanser (blog post here). It is an incredibly soothing and effective make-up remover, and even more so when it is Step 2. It does a great job especially at removing eye make-up. Some days I will use my oil cleanser on my face and leave out my eye make-up, to then go in with Step 2 and remove my eye make-up.


Step 3 – Exfoliate

Potentially my favourite step in the entire routine. Exfoliating.

Quite possibly the largest genre of skincare that I own would be exfoliators. I absolutely LOVE a good scrub on my face and I believe it is one of my missions in life to find THE PERFECT EXFOLIATOR. And I truly believe that the Vita Peel Exfoliating Scrub from BANILA CO. (R300) may be just that. This vitamins and antioxidants packed tube of goodnesscreate the most incredible scrub that I have ever used. It is very scrubby. I am the sort of person who (GASP) will use an exfoliator daily if I feel that my skin needs it, and this is one of the very few exfoliators where I will only reach for it twice or thrice a week. Your complexion is significantly improved to the naked eye. That first layer of skin is healthy looking and free of dead skin cells. An absolute winner for me.

The exfoliator is formulated with Gold Kiwi, Lemon extract and AHA’s to gently yet effectively remove dead skin cells and impurities. I also find that this really buffs away nicely at those painful under-the-skin pimples and brings them to the surface. TMI – but we have all been there!

Again… I cannot stress how fabulous this exfoliator is. I think it is my favourite product that has been featured in this entire routine.


Step 4 – Toner

Next up, step 4 is toner. Now, I’ll be honest and say that I have veered to the side of “but toner doesn’t really do anything, does it?” side of the beauty opinions of late. However, since implementing the K-Beauty routine into my life I am now realizing how to use it and, most importantly, WHERE to insert it in the routine. If you are trying to narrow your steps down to less than 10, toner would probably be the first to go, but honestly, this step has made a WORLD of difference in my routine. I would recommend adding a toner into your skincare routine pronto.

I use the Mamonde Rose Water Toner (R230) OR the ELEMIS Soothing Apricot Toner (R555) . I can NOT believe I have not spoken about the ELEMIS option on my blog before! I was searching the name on my blog trying to pull up a review and I see there isn’t one?! What the heck. I am onto my second bottle of this beautiful bottle and it really, truly is divine.

The Mamonde option is also gorgeous and I do opt for this one over the ELEMIS, just based on the fact that it is more affordable and due to the fact that our season is slowing changing to Winter. My skin feels more stripped these days and the lovely rose water toner adds hydration and plumpness to the skin. This was actually the very first K-Beauty product that I fell in love with.

I have recently opted to ditch the cotton rounds and instead use my fingers to apply my toner. This is A) more friendly on the environment and B) is an extra way of adding blood stimulation into your routine. You’ve heard of skin gym, right? Well, this is it. The toner also adds hydration and balances the pH levels of the skin. Dampening your skin with toner will increase its ability to absorb the upcoming moisture (in your treatments and essences) and stay hydrated.


Step 5 – Essence

Step 5 is where the treatments come into play. Applying essence to the skin is the next step and adopting a K-Beauty skincare regime was the first time I learnt about essences. An essence is considered the “heart of the K-Beauty regimen”.

Essence is a Korean skincare innovation made for hydrating and aiding skin repair and renewal. An essence is similar in consistency to a toner, but it has the added functional benefits that provide treatment to the skin. You will use your fingers (not a cotton round) to work this gently into the skin after toning. I am using the Moistfull Collagen essence (R350) from Etude House. Because I have not played with essences before, I cannot compare this product to anything else but I am loving it thus far. My skin slurps it up beautifully and I can immediately see a dewy effect in my skin. After an essence, you could add a serum, which helps with additional brightness of the skin and generally targets problem areas (depending on the product). If you’re looking to implement more steps into your skincare routine, more so to help with skin concerns you may have like acne, it is never too late to do this. Regardless of whether you choose to add tea tree oil as one of the steps or you decide to check here for CBD products that can help with inflammation of acne, as long as you are finding products that could help improve the issues you are having, then that’s all that matters. I am being dead serious, you guys. Since turning to K-Beauty I have turned into the vainest person EVER. I sit and look at my skin in the mirror every evening… sadness.

This Moistfull Collagen range seems like an all-around goodie. I am using the matching moisturizer a bit further in the K-Beauty routine. So keep posted!

Please let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this K-Beauty post of mine. The remainder of the 10 steps are coming soon. I’ll be chatting about the soul of the K-Beauty routine; sheet masks! As well as the incredible moisturiser and SPF that I have been using. I have become passionate about this entire skincare structure very quickly and I would love to share more with my readers IF you are interested in knowing more.

Rayne XX

** Please note that even though these posts seem super ravey – this post is NOT SPONSORED. I purchase my K-Beauty products from Dewyface or Glowtheory.